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DOJ rules intensify crackdown on sanctuary cities

Under the new policy from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the DOJ will be withholding funds from local police departments that refuse to cooperate. Federal immigration authorities want access to jails and to be alerted when someone facing deportation will be released from local custody.


By a hair, Senate votes to debate GOP health care bill

With Vice President Pence breaking a 50-50 tie, the Senate voted Tuesday to start debating Republican legislation to tear down much of the Obama health care law. The vote gives President Trump and GOP leaders a crucial initial victory but launches a weeklong debate promising an uncertain final outcome.

Schwarzenegger joins Jerry Brown as he extends climate bill

On Tuesday, Schwarzenegger joined his successor, Jerry Brown, as Brown signed legislation that kept alive a cap and trade program that both men have urged the rest of the world to emulate. The program puts a cap and a price on carbon emissions, creating an incentive for polluters to reduce emissions.
SoCal, What's Good?

West Hollywood Park Tennis Courts

What it is:
Your serve will never be as killer as Serena's. But, you can still play a remarkable tennis match — for free! — in West Hollywood. The roof of the six-story parking garage next to the WeHo Library features three tennis courts that are open to everyone from rookies to Williams-sister wannabes.
Why it's cool:
The panoramic view of the surrounding Beverly and Hollywood hills is breathtaking.
You should know:
When you arrive at the garage, hand over your driver's license to a security guard on the first floor. They'll pass you a keycard that will give you access to this tennis paradise. (And they validate parking!)