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LA considers Airbnb, other housing options for homeless

Homeless families can't get into overflowing shelters in South Los Angeles, and that's spurring local officials to look into some unconventional options for getting families off the streets. The L.A. Homeless Services Authority, for instance, plans to meet with officials from Airbnb later this week.

Orange County

Tiny endangered fairy shrimp discovered at Costa Mesa park

A biologist in Costa Mesa has discovered another winner of this year’s abundant rains: a one-and-a-half inch long crustacean called the Riverside fairy shrimp. The endangered species was found in a vernal pool in Costa Mesa’s Fairview Park. It is known to exist in just a few SoCal locations.

SoCal, What's Good?

Pie Life Pizza

What it is:
If the words "pizza window" sound intriguing, get yourself to Pie Life Pizza as soon as you can. The tiny Pasadena pizza shop offers low-priced slices and whole pies in a variety of topping combinations, served through a window by an always-friendly staff member.
Why it's cool:
In a region where so many restaurants try so hard to be hip, Pie Life’s unassuming vibes — paired with excellent New York-style pizza — make it genuinely cool.
You should know:
While pizza at Pie Life is abundant, parking is limited. Don't plan on getting a spot in the lot Pie Life shares with Pasadena favorite Jones Coffee; instead, snag street parking or take the Gold Line to Fillmore Station and walk up.