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Take Two: How SoCal celebrates the World Cup

On Monday's show:

  • After 17 years of corporate ownership, the L.A.Times is locally owned again
  • How the support of the president (and his family) could help or hurt Republicans.
  • Californians struggle to save money.
  • Mexico beat Germany 1-0 Sunday during the World Cup.
  • California's Community College Chancellor comes under fire.
  • The "Incredibles 2" breaks all the records.
  • Inside the workshop of a superhero costume maker.
  • SoCal celebrates the World Cup.

AirTalk: Trump administration slaps tariffs on China and other DC news

Highlight from Friday's show:

  • A roundup of DC news, including  the escalating trade war between US and China, and yesterday's DoJ watchdog report
  • Apple is closing a security backdoor that law enforcement has been using to gain access to locked iPhones
  • FilmWeek reviews of new releases, including Pixar's "Incredibles 2"
  • And on Monday's show: our politics roundtable