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LA kayaker escapes shark attack near Santa Barbara beach

A shark advisory remains in effect for parts of a Santa Barbara beach after a shark attacked a kayaker Thursday morning and bit into the side of his boat near Stearns Wharf. "That thing was hungry," said the kayaker, who was uninjured and able to swim to safety. "It wasn't a nudge."
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7 things to do in SoCal this weekend

From gazing at the night sky in the Santa Monica mountains to watching a weiner dog race in Cypress, we've got a list of food, festivals, and nighttime activities to check out this weekend (including a plan for those staying at home: FYF Fest live stream on Twitter!). See our full roundup.

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The Self-Realization Fellowship

What it is:
Seated atop Mt. Washington, this secluded sanctuary was once a hotel getaway for affluent Angelenos, but has been transformed into a spiritual center for Paramahansa Yogananda.
Why it's cool:
Its peaceful public gardens are a restorative oasis with some of the best views in the city, overlooking downtown and stretching to the Pacific Ocean.
You should know:
The public gardens are closed Mondays, but open 9-5 the rest of the week. Streetside parking is easy to find near the entrance to the grounds.