6 crazy details about filming the white Bronco chase for 'People v OJ Simpson'


"To shoot it on a stage would just feel like the little TV movie that we definitely didn't want to be," executive producer Brad Simpson told the Frame.

Rising crime causes anxiety, speculation in Long Beach

The residents of Long Beach are experiencing a double-digit boost in robberies and thefts. It’s one of many California cities posting an increase in crime in 2015.

Advocates say LAUSD unduly scrutinizing charter applications

Charter school supporters said LAUSD's school board approved 89 percent of the charter petitions it received in 2013 while that approval rate fell by half this year.


Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Supreme Court puts Obama's Clean Power Plan on hold

A divided Supreme Court agreed to halt enforcement until after legal challenges are resolved. "These justices appear tone-deaf as they fiddle with procedural niceties," California Gov. Jerry Brown said.

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Activists set to protest Cambodian leader visiting summit hosted by Obama


Prime Minister Sen is making his first official visit to the United States, and for the Cambodia-America Alliance, it's a chance to call him out for human rights violations.

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Samantha Bee brings a female perspective to late night TV

Samantha Bee

L.A. Times TV critic Mary McNamara says "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" is off to a good start, but laments that it's only a weekly show.

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LA homelessness: City, county pass plans. Now what?


City and county officials affirm their commitment to ending homelessness, but say they will need to find more revenues to fund their plans for the long-term.