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Crime & Justice

Man exonerated for attempted murder free after 20 years

Marco Contreras, now 41, hugged his mom following a court hearing Tuesday during which he was declared factually innocent. The reversal came after a petition by Loyola Law School's Project for the Innocent. He was wrongly identified as the shooter in a 1996 robbery at a Compton gas station.


USC professors push campus to lead in Trump resistance

Hundreds of USC professors are petitioning university administrators to take a stronger role helping immigrant and foreign students, faculty and employees fight Trump administration policies. The group has asked the campus to take seven steps, including establishing an emergency fund. 

Bill to change HIV transmission law faces opposition

Under the bill, SB 239, someone who had unprotected sex knowing they were HIV positive but who did not inform their partner could be charged with a misdemeanor, rather than a felony. One lawmaker says he's concerned it would make it harder to reduce the spread of HIV.


Notre Dame giving award to Homeboy Industries founder

The university is giving its Laetare Medal to the founder of the Los Angeles-based gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program. Homeboy Industries began in 1988 and now serves 10,000 men and women per year with services including tattoo removal and job training.


Wind warnings persist after gusts knock out power near LA

High wind warnings remain in place across SoCal after gusts knocked out power for thousands and sent trees slamming into cars. Potentially damaging winds will persist through Tuesday afternoon. Swimmers and surfers are cautioned as big waves and rip currents pound coastal areas.

Crime & Justice

OC Weekly editor says he wants Trump demonstrators ID'd

Reporters at the O.C. Weekly want police to identify who attacked their staff during Saturday's pro-Trump rally. Gustavo Arellano, the paper's editor-in-chief, told KPCC some of the demonstrators knowingly targeted his photographers and reporter. Much of the altercation was captured on video.


Study suggests childhood exposure to lead can blunt IQ for decades

A study out Tuesday suggests a link between early childhood lead exposure and a dip in a person's later cognitive ability and socioeconomic status. Lead in the United States can come from lots of sources: old, peeling paint; contaminated soil; or water that's passed through lead pipes. 

Environment & Science

What gave some primates bigger brains? A fruit-filled diet

The researchers analyzed the brain sizes and diets of over 140 primate species spanning apes, monkeys, lemurs and lorises and found that those who munched on fruit instead of leaves had 25 percent more brain tissue, even when controlling for body size and species relatedness.

SoCal, What's Good?

Galco's Soda Pop Stop

What it is:
Lovers of saccharine, strange or scarce beverages will have a hard time making a selection at Galco's. Well, anyone would struggle to choose from more than 700 types of obscure sodas lining the shelves of this shop. Don't let the variety scare you – owner John Nese will be your guide.
Why it's cool:
Galco's only carries sodas you'd never dream of looking for. Nese's slogan: "If you can find it [elsewhere], we don't carry it."
You should know:
The shop also has retro candy, beers and wines and other unusual treats. Park in the lot outside the shop and treat yourself to some sugar!