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Trump & California

Lawyers get ready for Trump's revised travel ban

Legal advocates are preparing to set up shop at LAX in anticipation of a new, revised EO affecting travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. January's ban, which remains held up in court, created chaos when travelers, including some green card and visa holders, were detained.

Schools in affluent areas call Brown's budget inadequate

Leaders in six school districts, including South Pasadena and Manhattan Beach, say Brown's plan won't make up for extra money they have to pay for employee pensions. They also want changes to a formula that directs more money to schools with many low-income students.




3 dead, 2 injured after plane hits houses in Riverside

The bodies of an adult man and a female teenager remained at the site of the crash that destroyed two houses and sent debris flying down the block of single-family homes. The plane was heading from Riverside Municipal Airport to San Jose after a weekend cheerleading event at Disneyland.
Crime & Justice

LAPD identifies off-duty officer in Anaheim shooting

The off-duty LAPD officer who fired his weapon during a confrontation with a group of teenagers outside his Anaheim home has been identified by the department as Kevin Ferguson. A KPCC analysis found off-duty officers are more likely to be charged with a crime than on-duty cops.

Crime & Justice

Remembering the 1997 gun battle in North Hollywood

Twenty years ago, body armor-wearing gunmen sprayed more than 1,000 rounds of automatic gunfire at police officers — and the battle was broadcast on live TV. A responding officer, who later became a city councilman, discusses the chaos of the day and how it shaped law enforcement going forward.


Arts Education

Teaching LA high schoolers about August Wilson

Students at three high schools are taking part in the Center Theatre Group's August Wilson In-School Residency program and spending the semester studying the playwright's work, including Fences, which was adapted for the screen and nominated for four Oscars this year.


March 7 election guide: Make your Voter Game Plan here

Voting is tough. Sure, you listen to KPCC. You watch political talk shows. You read the Internet. But you're still not completely sure how you'll vote on all those ballot measures. That's why you need a Voter Game Plan. Start here to check your registration, do your research and fill out a sample ballot.

SoCal, What's Good?

The Wreck of SS Dominator

What it is:
It’s the remains of a ship that ran ashore in 1961 on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
Why it's cool:
It's a shipwreck for you to explore! (But there are also some great views along the way).
You should know:
The hike to the wreckage is far from easy, so bring plenty of water and leave the kids at home!