CA Medical Association opposes pot bill because of lack of science

The California Medical Association says so long as medical marijuana is listed as an illegal drug under federal law, there won't be enough research to guide doctors.

MTV VMAs to bring $50 million to LA County

Visitors will splurge on hotels, limos and food at local restaurants during the VMAs. This year's VMAs will take place at the Forum in Inglewood.

2 former LA deputies accused of planting guns (updated)


Prosecutors say two former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies planted guns to justify arrests at a medical marijuana dispensary in 2011. Read a copy of the complaint.

Bottles of Sriracha chili sauce on the shelves of a supermarket in Rosemead, Calif.

Frederic J. Brown /AFP/Getty Images

Irwindale City Council delays deciding fate of Sriracha factory (updated)

Sriracha factory workers rallied outside Irwindale City Hall Wednesday night as the council was set to vote on whether or not the factory is a public nuisance due to complaints of its fumes causing headaches and coughing.

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Reward now $7500 in mutilation of pelican (updated)

The International Bird Rescue says it appears a knife or similar sharp instrument was used to cut the bird's pouch, which it uses to scoop up fish.

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Court refuses to review decision tossing out OC sex offenders bans

California supreme court

The California Supreme Court Wednesday refused to review an appellate court's ruling that said city and county bans keeping registered sex offenders out of parks was unconstitutional.