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One teacher's dance revolution at Fontana Unified

Nicole Robinson's passion is a catalyst for spreading dance education throughout the district. In an area where many families can't afford private lessons, her approach is to give students "absolutely everything that you have because this might be the only chance that they have.”


There's a computer predicting the welfare of children

A RAND Corporation simulator tested the impact of child welfare programs. It found investing in child abuse prevention and support for family members taking in foster kids both have big benefits. Researchers hope to use the simulator again to test likely outcomes of programs and policy changes.

SoCal, What's Good?

The Historic Streetlight Museum

What it is:
It’s the ultimate collection of Los Angeles streetlights, all in one place.
Why it's cool:
You get to experience the story of Los Angeles, told in streetlights.
You should know:
It's only open once a month for 30 minutes. Be sure to check their website schedule to make sure they're open!