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Environment & Science

They didn't know the LA River was full of E. coli, but public officials did

According to emails obtained by KPCC, at least five government agencies knew about the tainted water days before the fourth annual L.A. River Boat Race on Sept. 9, but they did little to notify the public or close the river to recreation. Water quality tests taken upstream indicated the presence of harmful feces-borne bacteria 100 times the federal safety limit for swimming and recreation.


Burbank's mayor announces he has stage 4 liver cancer

Burbank Mayor Will Rogers announced that he has stage 4 liver cancer during a Wednesday afternoon press conference. A transplant or traditional chemotherapy are not viable options, Rogers said, but he noted that he was participating in drug trials and immunotherapy. Rogers said he plans to continue serving as mayor but will scale back on the events he attends.
Business & Economy

Startup fund for affordable housing in LA doubles

In preparation for what could be an affordable housing building boom in L.A., a group of philanthropists has doubled a key loan program for developers. "This fund is critically important," said the CEO of one of the area's most prolific affordable housing developers. "The hardest thing about starting a project ... is the financing to actually buy the property and to begin the work."

​California sues Trump administration to prevent border wall

California's attorney general sued the Trump administration Wednesday over its plan to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, arguing it's overstepping its authority by waiving environmental reviews and other laws. The suit makes arguments similar to those made in a lawsuit brought last week by advocacy groups. Both lawsuits aim to stop design, planning and construction on the wall.

SoCal, What's Good?

The Institute For Art And Olfaction

What it is:
Countless celebrities have fragrances. Why shouldn't you? Head to the Institute for Art and Olfaction, where you can join DIY perfumers to learn the art of the smell. Combine scent molecules to learn how they mix and mingle together, or create a fragrance all your own.
Why it's cool:
The perfume industry is controlled by a handful of conglomerates. So, stick it to the man by creating your own unique scent.
You should know:
Be sure to check their website for events, and make an appointment for your first visit.