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Trump says US can't afford quick Afghanistan withdrawal

Though his speech was billed as an announcement of his updated Afghanistan policy, Trump offered few specifics about what it would entail. He did not provide a number of additional troops that will be sent to the war, though U.S. officials said ahead of the speech they expect him to go along with a Pentagon recommendation for nearly 4,000 new troops.

Health Costs

Will transparency in drug pricing force down costs?

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would force greater transparency in drug pricing. The measure's sponsor says it would add to pressure on pharmaceutical makers to lower costs. The industry says the bill wouldn't help consumers, ignores discounts and rebates and could scare away investors.



SoCal Economy

Top editors abruptly ousted at Los Angeles Times

In the latest major shake-up, Davan Maharaj, a 28-year veteran of the newspaper, and senior staff were fired Monday. Despite past restructuring, its parent company, Tronc, has suffered losses in ad revenue and print subscriptions. Ross Levinsohn, who worked at Yahoo and Fox but has no newspaper experience, will be the new publisher. 


Photos of the moon’s shining moment in SoCal

Still mooning over today’s solar eclipse? Let's keep that going. We asked you to share photos of what the #LAeclipse looked like near you, and you sent us some really, ahem, de-light-ful snapshots. Here are a few photos from across Southern California. We recommend scrolling through with our epic eclipse playlist.

Early Childhood Development

#SoCalSoCurious: Is a nanny better than day care?

A listener asked us if adult interaction is better for toddlers than peer interaction — something most parents grapple with when making childcare choices. As part of our SoCal So Curious initiative, we asked five child development specialists to weigh in. The answer isn't clear cut, but each expert had something interesting to share with his or her perspective.


SoCal, What's Good?

Meltdown Comics & Collectibles

What it is:
If the success of numerous superhero blockbusters is any indication, this could very well be the golden age for Meltdown Comics & Collectibles in West Hollywood. The shop has an incredible variety of comic books, graphic novels, zines, toys, figurines and gifts for the nerd you love.
Why it's cool:
Unlike some specialty shops, Meltdown has a legacy of meeting customers where they are. In other words, even someone looking to buy their first comic is welcome.
You should know:
In addition to the selection of comics and collectibles, Meltdown hosts a variety of live events (screenings, stand-up, podcast tapings, talks, etc.) almost every day of the week. Check their site to find one that suits you.