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Baby with Zika-related birth defect born in San Diego County

The county has 87 cases of Zika infections in adults, but the infant born with Zika-related microcephaly is the county's first case of its kind. The mother was infected while traveling in a foreign country. The CDC's website has an updated list of countries where Zika is common.

The long road to college from the high school 'at-risk' list

Floyd — who says he's hoped to attend college since he was 8 years old — knows his current grades aren't guaranteed to get him there. After making his school's "focus list" and promising to stop cutting class and boost his grades, what will it take to get this at-risk ninth grader to college?


Transgender health in the Inland Empire focus of new report

Survey reveals health care barriers faced by an estimated 27,000 transgender people living in the Inland Empire. More than 93 percent of those surveyed have some form of health insurance, but many say it's not easy to find a provider who has experience with transgender patients.

SoCal, What's Good?

Peking Tavern

What it is:
Peking Tavern is a gastropub located on the basement floor of an old bank building. It’s downtown L.A.’s best basement hideaway.
Why it's cool:
The restaurant serves Authentic Northern Chinese eats such as hand-pulled noodles and fresh-made dumplings throughout their happy hour and late hours. Hand-crafted cocktails are mirrored with Asian flair and supported by a well-respected craft beer list.
You should know:
Happy hour is certainly the best time to visit to take advantage of their drink/food specials. If you dare, Bai Jiu (like sake) with a YanJing chaser is always a solid choice.