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Joshua Tree National Park could expand by 22,000 acres

The plan proposes transferring the Eagle Mountain area back to the national park — it was part of Joshua Tree when it was designated a national monument in 1936. Joshua Tree spans about 800,000 acres, so the addition may not transform the park, but it's an important part of its history.


Watch: President Obama's final press conference

President Barack Obama held his final news conference Wednesday, two days before his second term ends. He defended his decision to shorten the sentence of convicted leaker Chelsea Manning and spoke about race, voter rights and his vision for the country after his presidency.
SoCal, What's Good?

Monkey Town

What it is:
Monkey Town, a new pop-up restaurant, has joined the long line of secret supper spots in L.A. While many pop-ups feature unique dining experiences, Monkey Town is completely immersive. Their delectable dinners are held within what can only be described as a 27-foot video cube, featuring live performances and recorded art.
Why it's cool:
The multi-channel performance is a delight for the senses (although it's going to put your next dinner party to shame).
You should know:
There are two seatings each night (Tuesday-Sunday), and each one holds only 40 people. So get your tickets early – Monkey Town only runs until October 1, and shows fill up quickly.