Asian-American voter engagement on the upswing in California

A new report suggests civic engagement among the nation's fastest growing racial group, Asian-Americans, is steadily improving.

Garcetti announces goals to end LA's housing crisis

Garcetti, who is tackling poverty by increasing the minimum wage in LA, announced housing policies this week. He didn't say how - or when - he'd implement them.

Waterboarding, choking, nudity: Have extreme haunts gone too far?

Forget masked monsters and walk-through haunted mazes. There's a new, and sometimes troubling, standard for extreme haunts.

An immate uses a mirror to look outside


LA increases use of probation for non-violent offenses

The District Attorney's office reports 14 percent of low-level felons in September were given reduced time behind bars and probation instead of traditional jail sentences. That's up from 3 percent.

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Crash test dummy will be heavier to reflect fatalities among obese

The new crash test dummy — not this one — will weigh 271 lbs and have a body mass index of 35. Automakers use the dummies to prove their vehicles are roadworthy.

Obese occupants of a vehicle are up to 78 percent more likely to die in a car crash than someone of average weight, says the CEO of Humanetics.

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Trial needed to solve 'Blurred Lines' case, judge says

2013 BET Awards - Show

A jury should decide a claim by the children of Marvin Gaye that the 2012 hit song "Blurred Lines" improperly copied elements of their father's music.

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'Midnight Runner' film crew wasn't warned about unsafe site, OSHA says

Slates For Sarah

Federal inspectors reported that a film crew was not told they had been denied permission to shoot on a rail trestle; an accident led to the death of crew member Sarah Jones.