Skid Row protest

Frank Stoltze/KPCC

Man killed in Skid Row police shooting was convicted bank robber


Charley Saturmin Robinet, whose name was confirmed to KPCC, was convicted in 2000 in connection with a bank robbery in Thousand Oaks.

Election 2015: LA County primary election underway


Seats for city council, LAUSD and board candidates are up for grabs. KPCC will be updating with election returns Tuesday night.

California drought: City dwellers cut water use by just 9 pct. in January

"People were really great about turning off their sprinklers when it was raining," said a state scientist. In January, "people turned those sprinklers right back on."

House votes to fund DHS until Sept. 30 — without immigration curbs

The vote is a victory for President Obama as Republicans had wanted to strip funding for the president's executive actions on immigration from the bill.

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Netanyahu assails Iran-nuclear talks; Obama says 'nothing new' in speech

Political Leaders Address Annual AIPAC Policy Conference

"The greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons," the Israeli prime minister said in remarks before a packed House chamber.

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Snow survey could be the lowest on record since 1991

sierra nevada snow snowpack

California's third snow survey found the Sierra Nevada snowpack is far below normal and leaning toward being the lowest on record in more than two decades.