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SoCal hospitals in an 'arms race' against hackers

As California hospitals get better at protecting patient data, hackers get more sophisticated. "We are probably more vulnerable today," says one expert. L.A. County-USC Medical Center tells KPCC the hospital has an emergency plan for hacking, just as it would for an earthquake.

SoCal, What's Good?

Make Asobi

What it is:
A person could spend hours browsing the shops of Little Tokyo's outdoor plaza. But for Japanese beauty products, head straight to Make Asobi. Countless skincare and makeup products line the walls in neatly organized rows, so finding what you're looking for — and making impulse buys — is almost too easy.
Why it's cool:
The merchandise at Make Asobi is amazing, but the attention they pay to customers is what makes the experience. Products are labeled in English and Japanese, and employees are ready to answer questions.
You should know:
Make Asobi's strong suit is skincare products. Don't leave without buying a sheet mask (or twelve).