HIV case proves false; porn moratorium called off

The advocacy group for the adult film industry has called off a production moratorium after just a day because a performer's HIV test turned out to be a false positive.

Injunction blocks Los Angeles marijuana farmers market

The city attorney sought the injunction claiming it violates Proposition D, a voter-approved measure that limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A..

Michael Jackson's 56th birthday: Listen to 56 great covers


It's late pop music legend Michael Jackson's 56th birthday, just over five years since he passed away. Listen to 56 great covers of the King of Pop and share your own.

Corcoran State Prison - KPCC Post

Grant Slater/KPCC

California mentally ill inmates get special units

State corrections officials agreed to create special housing units for mentally ill inmates after a federal judge ruled that keeping them in isolation violated their constitutional rights.

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Chinese high-rise worker left dangling after annoyed boy cuts rope

The 10-year-old watching cartoons reportedly became annoyed at the construction racket outside his window, so he took a knife and sliced through the worker's rappelling apparatus.