Orland bus crash: California Highway Patrol releases 911 tapes

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating last week's crash between a high school tour bus and a FedEx truck that killed 10 people.

City of Bell shouldn't count on being paid back by Rizzo, Spaccia

Former officials Robert Rizzo and Angela Spaccia were ordered to pay the city almost $9 million as part of their sentencing, but both are said to be broke.

High Rent, Few Options: Angelenos weigh their choices

With rents higher than they've ever been in Southern California, the '30 percent rule' is a distant fantasy, and Southern Californian renters are having to adapt.

Zocalo Public Square

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Los Angeles connection

The author, who died Thursday, was honored locally in 2003 when part of Clarence Street, which had been home to a Boyle Heights gang, was renamed Gabriel Garcia Marquez Street.