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Community Health

Paramount firms take steps to limit chromium 6

The two metal processors sent letters to the L.A. County Department of Public Health laying out steps they have taken to reduce chromium 6 emissions. Public Health told them on Thursday that, based on AQMD monitoring, they must act to cut the levels of the carcinogenic pollutant escaping from their plants. 
Marijuana legalization in California

Can you smoke and grow weed in your rental unit?

Under California law, it's now legal to smoke, possess and grow up to six plants of marijuana on your private premises. But whether it's legal to do so in a rental unit is another question. If your lease prohibits smoking, that's a no. If your lease doesn't prohibit growing, you could be OK. See our Q&A.
Business & Economy

Why LA's Olympic budget is different than other bids

When cities submit Olympic budgets, there are typically two parts: the cost of building venues and the cost of operating them. L.A.'s budget, released Friday, has only operations, with no new venues. It's a sign officials are following through on a promise of an austere Olympics that avoids cost overrun.

SoCal, What's Good?

Peking Tavern

What it is:
Peking Tavern is a gastropub located on the basement floor of an old bank building. It’s downtown L.A.’s best basement hideaway.
Why it's cool:
The restaurant serves Authentic Northern Chinese eats such as hand-pulled noodles and fresh-made dumplings throughout their happy hour and late hours. Hand-crafted cocktails are mirrored with Asian flair and supported by a well-respected craft beer list.
You should know:
Happy hour is certainly the best time to visit to take advantage of their drink/food specials. If you dare, Bai Jiu (like sake) with a YanJing chaser is always a solid choice.