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Some LA schools prepare to watch Monday's eclipse indoors

"We're not going to take a risk," one Los Angeles school's principal said — of a child wearing faulty glasses, or of a child refusing to wear them. District officials are recommending school staff hold students inside between 9 a.m. and noon, according to a letter sent Thursday to school principals.

Public Safety

Applications for CA immigrant driver's licenses declining

Since they became available to them in 2015, nearly one million unauthorized immigrants have obtained a driver's licenses. While officials can't say exactly why application numbers have dipped, some may be reluctant out of fear of deportation. The state has said they have no plans to over data to the federal government. 


Arts & Entertainment

Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory dies at 84

Gregory was known for his sharp satire, political activism and health advocacy. He went on multiple hunger strikes to protest issues like the Vietnam War and police brutality. "Whenever you die from this planet, I feel you go some place, and my trip going to be so long to wherever I go, I got instructions from my wife to put on a couple of backpacks," Gregory said in 2006.
SoCal, What's Good?

Peking Tavern

What it is:
Peking Tavern is a gastropub located on the basement floor of an old bank building. It’s downtown L.A.’s best basement hideaway.
Why it's cool:
The restaurant serves Authentic Northern Chinese eats such as hand-pulled noodles and fresh-made dumplings throughout their happy hour and late hours. Hand-crafted cocktails are mirrored with Asian flair and supported by a well-respected craft beer list.
You should know:
Happy hour is certainly the best time to visit to take advantage of their drink/food specials. If you dare, Bai Jiu (like sake) with a YanJing chaser is always a solid choice.