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Environment & Science

Does trapping and killing coyotes actually work?

Arcadia became the latest SoCal city to start lethal control after residents' reports of dogs being eaten, cats disappearing and of being stalked by coyotes. Animal rights activists have protested the move saying trapping and killing is inhumane and does little to reduce the coyote population.

Arts & Entertainment

Your go-to guide for the weekend in SoCal

The region is expecting a storm, but there's still a way to make your own splash this weekend. From immersive art, to the L.A. Cookie Con & Sweets Show, to the Long Beach Comic Expo, to Mardi Gras in Venice, to a Scottish Festival at The Queen Mary, see our full roundup of events.

How you can shape KPCC reporting

KPCC is launching a brand-new effort to get you more involved in helping shape our stories – even before they’re assigned. What do you want to know? What have you always wondered about Southern California? What’s the issue you want investigated? See how the process works.

SoCal, What's Good?

The Iliad Bookshop

What it is:
It's one of the largest used bookstores in Los Angeles. They've got everything from bargain bin paperbacks to rare first editions.
Why it's cool:
Their massive and diverse inventory is a marvel. It's great for exploring — at some point you're bound to stumble on a true gem!
You should know:
Allergy alert: Currently there are two friendly cats, adopted by the store, that wander and greet customers — or they curl up in cozy spots for naps. (Mostly, it's the latter.)