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Crime & Justice

Live: O.J. Simpson's parole hearing

Simpson will find out Thursday if he will be released from the Nevada prison where he's been held for nearly nine years. He's serving up to 33 years on armed robbery and other charges. If paroled, Simpson would be released from prison no sooner than Oct. 1. 

Environment & Science

State clears gas field near Porter Ranch to refill

After a gas well ruptured in October 2015, the state ordered the gas level to be drawn down and placed a moratorium on refilling the field until extensive safety upgrades and inspections were completed. Owner SoCal Gas warned continued closure of the storage field could put the region at risk of power outages.

Trump & California

Supreme Court order again narrows the door for US-bound refugees

A court order from a federal judge in Hawaii expanded the pool of refugees who may still come to the United States, despite President Trump’s temporary travel ban. The U.S. Supreme Court has stayed that part of the lower court's order, although a portion of the order that expands the definition of close family ties stays. 

Environment & Science

Port proposal to clean up the air could cost up to $14B

The ports of L.A. and Long Beach, the largest port complex in the U.S, have an ambitious – and expensive – new plan to combat climate change and clean up the SoCal air. The plan relies heavily on incentives to switch trucks and gear to zero emission technology. Critics say the tech will not be ready, or cost effective, in time.
Business & Economy

The woman behind LuLaRoe tells KPCC how she did it

How do you create a billion-dollar company in just 4 years? In her first major interview, LuLaRoe creator DeAnne Stidham says it took nearly 30 years working a small business in the Inland Empire to lay the foundation. This is the untold story of an "overnight success" that begins in Chino Hills in 1987.

SoCal, What's Good?

Museum of Neon Art

What it is:
Few art forms meld scientific know-how and creative ability as well as neon illumination. Billed as "the strangest and most wonderful museum in L.A.," the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) in Glendale is a shrine to the electrifying art form.
Why it's cool:
MONA owns warehouses full of neon art, so they regularly rotate installations in their small museum space. You never know what you're going to see!
You should know:
Bring a fully-charged smartphone and get ready for a lot of Instagram love! This place is a natural selfie trap.