Relief well drill record

screenshot/Division of Oil Gas & Geothermal Resources

Porter Ranch: Lessons from past attempt to kill a well

The Porter Ranch gas leak is temporarily stopped using a method SoCalGas first tried 25 years ago on a different well -- with mixed results.

Obama moves to protect 1.8M acres of California desert


The White House on Friday released Obama's proclamations establishing the Mojave National Trails, Castle Mountains and Sand to Snow national monuments.

Officer assigned to Obama's motorcade gets in minor crash on 405

The motorcycle officer was involved in an accident on the 405 South near the Olympic Boulevard exit. The accident didn't delay Obama's trip.

Southern California to see brief cooling, then more heat

The next chance of rain comes later next week when a more significant area of low pressure develops.

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Money may not buy you love — but it sure helps

How much does your love cost?

Someone has to pay for the cocktails on the first date, dinners in that classy restaurant, the wedding by the beach — and that messy divorce. Here are some fun facts on the economics of romance.

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History-making Philae lander faces 'eternal hibernation' on comet

The Philae lander beamed back images showing one of its three feet on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko . This photo is compiled from two images; a wider version will be released later Thursday.

A tweet issued by the European Space Agency includes a cartoon showing the Rosetta orbiter thinking about its little lander taking a nap on the comet's cold surface.

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The final chapter for Silver Lake's Circus of Books.

One of the last holdouts from pre-gentrified Silver Lake is set to close. Sunset Junction store Circus of Books, which sold adult magazines as well as standard reading material, will shut its doors.