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Early Childhood Development

English Learners start off ahead in kindergarten with TK

Research from the American Institutes of Research has found English Language Learners start off kindergarten ahead if they first attend Transitional Kindergarten. They outperformed English Learners who didn’t attend TK in math, language and literacy, and English proficiency. However, the study also found that while the TK students stayed ahead, the non-TK students were able to close much of the gap by spring. 

8 public spaces to honor service members on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend, several locations across Southern California will honor members of the armed forces who died while serving their country. See our map of locations across Southern California to honor fallen veterans in any sector of military service.

SoCal, What's Good?

Meltdown Comics & Collectibles

What it is:
If the success of numerous superhero blockbusters is any indication, this could very well be the golden age for Meltdown Comics & Collectibles in West Hollywood. The shop has an incredible variety of comic books, graphic novels, zines, toys, figurines and gifts for the nerd you love.
Why it's cool:
Unlike some specialty shops, Meltdown has a legacy of meeting customers where they are. In other words, even someone looking to buy their first comic is welcome.
You should know:
In addition to the selection of comics and collectibles, Meltdown hosts a variety of live events (screenings, stand-up, podcast tapings, talks, etc.) almost every day of the week. Check their site to find one that suits you.