Fighter War Machine extradited to Nevada

Mixed martial arts fighter War Machine has been extradited from California to Las Vegas to face charges he brutally beat his porn star ex-girlfriend.

California lawmakers pass several bills as they finish session

California lawmakers have wrapped up the end of the legislative session ahead of their Sunday deadline. Several bills are now headed to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk.

Caltech makes Feynman's physics lectures available for free


"The Feynman Lectures," delivered at Caltech, are now available to read for free online. You can also watch video of some of the material covered in those lectures.

Xavier Dolan

AccuSoft Inc.

Telluride Fest: 25-year-old filmmaker Xavier Dolan on 'Mommy'

John Horn talks with the writer and director of the French-Canadian drama that is likely to be a contender for the foreign language Oscar.

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Results from screening tests can be high in anxiety

Katherine Streeter for NPR

A healthy man paid $150 for a battery of tests at his church. The findings frightened him and didn't give his doctor any information that changed the man's care.

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How are different Asian-American groups faring economically?

Little dudes polish a penny.

In a recent report, the U.S. Department of Labor broke down different economic outcomes among Asian-American and Pacific Islander ethnic subgroups.