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7 things to do this weekend in SoCal

Spend the first official weekend of fall at a lobster festival in Redondo Beach, viewing a movie under the stars at Malibu Wines, watching dogs surf in Huntington Beach or tasting 11 of the best burgers from around L.A. See our full roundup of events.

Take Two®

This lost Chicano mural redefined 'art' in California

The Streetscapers painted an urban tapestry reflecting the diversity of Boyle Heights in the 1980s. Then it was destroyed. But its loss was not in vain. They sued Shell Oil but lost their initial case. Art like theirs wasn't covered under the state's Preservation Act. The group persevered and appealed and, in 1991, the ruling was overturned. Some of the artists spoke with KPCC about the mural.


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Challenges mount as California's new voting overhaul nears

Security threats, low turnout and the rollout of a new law that will change how voters cast ballots all pose potential problems for elections officials statewide. By 2018, L.A. County plans to upgrade its vote by mail ballots, doing away with the current Scantron-like system that voters have used for years. Instead, a larger, consolidated ballot sheet will include measures and candidates together.

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​LA team helps search for Mexico quake survivors

Survivors are still being pulled from rubble in Mexico City as rescue operations stretch into a fourth day Friday, spurring hope among desperate relatives gathered at the sites of buildings collapsed by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. The L.A. County Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue Team is helping with recovery efforts.

SoCal, What's Good?

West Hollywood Park Tennis Courts

What it is:
Your serve will never be as killer as Serena's. But, you can still play a remarkable tennis match — for free! — in West Hollywood. The roof of the six-story parking garage next to the WeHo Library features three tennis courts that are open to everyone from rookies to Williams-sister wannabes.
Why it's cool:
The panoramic view of the surrounding Beverly and Hollywood hills is breathtaking.
You should know:
When you arrive at the garage, hand over your driver's license to a security guard on the first floor. They'll pass you a keycard that will give you access to this tennis paradise. (And they validate parking!)