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The host of Take Two, A Martínez is an L.A. native who grew up in Koreatown, attended Daniel Murphy High School, and played baseball at L.A. City College before getting a journalism degree at Cal State Northridge.

A is well known to sports-talk radio listeners in Los Angeles as host of 710 KSPN’s "In the Zone." He’s done pre and post game shows for most of L.A.’s major professional and college sports teams, and is especially known as the long-time host of "Dodger Talk" and "Laker Line."

Stories by A Martínez

Sensuous soul with an edge? Look no further...

Every week, Take Two gets in the groove with the latest cuts from some of the most soulful singers in the Southland and beyond. 

A California lawmaker with ties to Trump could be eyeing Paul Ryan's gig

Here's a hint: The Washington Post once called him President Trump's "fixer, friend and candy man."

Teen voters reject two-party system

About 100,000 California teens have pre-registered to vote in the coming elections and most are saying ‘no thanks’ to Democrats and Republicans.

What happens when rockers get old?

Artists Derek Smalls and The Eels lead musical meditations on what it means to age.

When Republicans resist: Sanctuary state edition

California's sanctuary laws could be handing the state's GOP a cause to rally behind.

LA's only bald eagle chick missing after nest topples

Tree branches gave way, turning L.A.'s only American Bald Eagle nest upside down. The adult eagles are safe, but the fate of their chick is still unknown.

Tiger roars: Golf's prodigal son is now a Masters favorite

For a time, it looked like one of the most accomplished and successful athletes of all time had washed up in his early 40s.

Mexican American musicians tackle the Dreamer debate through song

The song "Muro" by a band called The Mexican Standoff criticizes President Donald Trump and chronicles the lives of dreamers.

Sanctuary law? Feds say no, state says yes, OC says no

County officials voted to join a federal lawsuit against California and its "sanctuary laws." Now President Trump is calling them brave.

This museum wants to change the way you feel about your selfie

Do it for the shares. Do it for the likes. Do it...because it's human nature. The Museum of Selfies aims to change the way you see the infamous selfie.

Dodgers help Hernandez's mission to build homes in Puerto Rico

Kike Hernandez of the LA Dodgers talks about raising money to build homes in Puerto Rico, and what it was like to play last season while hurricanes devastated his homeland.

This SoCal team may be the 'sleeper-pick' to win the playoffs

We'll give you a hint: they've been known to receive supernatural help in the outfield.

These LA hip-hop artists aren't afraid to get deep, y'all

Rappers from across LA articulate the struggles of everyday living in these new releases.

Don't worry, GOP, the Governator is here to help

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger outlined his vision for a new CA GOP Wednesday. By his side: centrist Republican Chad Mayes and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

PBS documentary features true story of Chicano civil rights leader

Widely known as the inspiration for Dr. Gonzo in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," a new documentary tells the true story of Chicano civil rights activist, Oscar Zeta Acosta.