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The host of Take Two, A Martínez is an L.A. native who grew up in Koreatown, attended Daniel Murphy High School, and played baseball at L.A. City College before getting a journalism degree at Cal State Northridge.

A is well known to sports-talk radio listeners in Los Angeles as host of 710 KSPN’s "In the Zone." He’s done pre and post game shows for most of L.A.’s major professional and college sports teams, and is especially known as the long-time host of "Dodger Talk" and "Laker Line."

Stories by A Martínez

What a CVS, Aetna merger could mean for customers

A major move in the health industry over the weekend could change the healthcare landscape in Southern California.

Senate tax plans has huge implications for Californians

After much back and forth, it appears now that the Senate is close to pushing through a massive re-write of the tax bill. After hours and hours of negotiations and deal-making, leading Senate Republicans say they have enough votes to get the job done.

SOA: Conservatives condemn Steinle verdict, Assembly spotlights harassment

Republican response to the verdict of an undocumented man has been heated, with President Trump taking the lead.

Few surprised that harassment persists in the Capitol

"The Capitol is having a reckoning of its own of sorts," a reporter tells Take Two.

Muir Woods' new parking system tries to reduce traffic

Muir Woods has a traffic problem, and the National Park Service announced a plan to solve it

When Nazis tried to take over LA

Law enforcement said there was nothing to worry about; one Angeleno thought otherwise.

LA Phil announces new CEO

New LA Phil CEO Simon Wood has some pretty big shoes to fill

A killer who won't die in the minds of Angelenos

Manson is dead, but America's morbid fascination with the cult leader is far from over

SOA: Harassment in the House, CA GOPers vote 'no' on tax bill

The GOP's tax plan passed the House without the help of three California Republicans. Why they voted "no" when their 11 other colleagues voted "yes."

How meals on the battlefield inspired a bold new food show

"Meals Ready to Eat" aims to bring together the civilian and military communities by using gourmet food inspired by veterans.

LA wants to hire the homeless to help pick up trash

Anyone living in L.A. sees it: fast food wrappers, plastic grocery bags and everything else thrown onto the ground instead of in a garbage can.

There's a new mountain lion in town

Just who is this new cat?

This new college Republican leader is ready for a fight

Ariana Rowlands, a Breitbart contributor and Milo Yiannopoulos ally, plans to expand conservatism on campuses, even if it means clashing with administrators.

Will Sacramento change following sexual harassment allegations leveled at the capitol?

In Sacramento, more women have come forward to say they've been sexually harassed or intimidated while working in or around the state capitol.

How men can disrupt the culture of sexual harassment

"They don't say anything or do anything, not because they agree with the behavior, but because of all kinds of dynamics within male peer cultures."