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Education Correspondent

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Adolfo reports on K-12 education and higher education for Southern California Public Radio.

He’s been a reporter at SCPR since 2000 and in that time has covered many different types of stories including elections, transportation, fires, and the arts. His most memorable stories are the on-site reports at the 2007 May Day Melee protests at L.A.’s MacArthur Park, a fatal apartment collapse that shed light on L.A.'s dearth of housing inspectors, University of California students coping with hunger, South Gate overcoming political corruption, the 25th anniversary of L.A.’s seminal 1977 punk rock scene, social work interns helping students from military families cope, political dirty tricks funded by public funds in the Inglewood Unified School District, a profile of prominent L.A. poet Wanda Coleman, and a feature about Adolfo’s name appearing on the TV show "The Simpsons".

Adolfo's awards include the 2006 L.A. Press Club’s Radio Journalist of the Year and a regional Edward R. Murrow honor.

2016 is Adolfo’s 20th year in public radio news. He was hired in 1996 by KPBS-FM in San Diego as a producer for the daily news talk show These Days. He lives in Long Beach with his wife and kids.

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

LA Unified teachers take Islam workshop

Some L.A. Unified teachers recently finished a weekend workshop about one of the key issues of our time: Islam and the Arab world.

Carly Fiorina concedes California Senate race to Barbara Boxer [Updated]

After refusing to concede last night, Carly Fiorina conceded today in her bid for Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate seat. Boxer declared victory on election night, despite Fiorina's initial refusal to concede.

US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina loses to incumbent Barbara Boxer

U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina lost to incumbent Barbara Boxer in Tuesday's election, with the latest results showing Boxer with a 10 point victory.

College students vote for propositions; voters express concerns

Students at Cal State Long Beach today discussed why the state's ballot propositions are important. Despite classes during the middle of the school day, students from CSU Long Beach, are turning out to vote.

USC art student lets social network vote on life decisions

A USC graduate student fed up with people walking around absorbed in their cell phone screens starts a one-month art project today meant to connect people with the repercussions of online decisions and words.

LAUSD Superintendent Cortines speaks out on bullying

Recent suicides of gay teens after bullying at school has prompted L.A. Unified’s superintendent to devote his weekly television show to the issue of bullying.

LAUSD audit finds improper construction contracts

An outside audit of construction division hiring practices in the Los Angeles Unified School District has found conflict of interest hiring in the school district’s multi-billion dollar school construction projects.

Man gets 5 years in prison for TV art scam

A federal judge has sentenced a Woodland Hills man to five years in prison for his involvement in a fake art scam that cheated about 10,000 people across the country.

California LAO warns about growth of distance learning at public colleges

In a study issued Monday California’s independent Legislative Analyst’s Office warned about the growth of distance learning at public colleges.

Obama appears on popular Spanish-language radio show 'Piolin'

Millions of Spanish speakers across the country listen to Southland-based Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo’s morning radio show. Monday listeners heard President Barack Obama answer Piolin’s questions during a 21-minute interview.

Congresswoman Judy Chu wants federal money for bilingual programs

Congresswoman Judy Chu unveils a proposal Tuesday to set aside $100 million for voluntary, dual- language classes in public schools.

Los Angeles above average when it comes to kids in after school programs

A decade-old group that’s organizing after-school activities nationwide this afternoon says Los Angeles deserves praise for doing a good job at enrolling students in afterschool programs.

Study: Majority of California community college students fail to graduate or to transfer

A new study suggests that the vast majority of California’s community college students fail to earn degrees or transfer to four-year universities.

LA School Police commended for copper theft arrests

More than a dozen officers in L.A. Unified’s police force received formal recognition by the school district’s superintendent for breaking up a copper theft ring earlier this year.

Mexican hard liquor on the rise in Los Angeles

A few years after World War II, a Los Angeles liquor distributor created a marketing campaign for the margarita cocktail. It helped make tequila an ubiquitous item in U.S. bars and restaurants. Now, another obscure Mexican hard liquor is gaining popularity. People in the know predict it could win a lot of fans in these parts.