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Alex Cohen is the local host of "Morning Edition", NPR's most popular show. Prior to that, she was co-host of KPCC's "Take Two" and "All Things Considered."

Before joining Southern California Public Radio, Alex was a host and reporter for NPR's "Day to Day." She's also served as a host and reporter for NPR's "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" as well as American Public Media's "Marketplace" and "Weekend America." Prior to that, she was the L.A. Bureau Chief for KQED FM in San Francisco. She has won several journalism awards including the LA Press Club’s Best Radio Anchor prize.

As her roller derby alter-ego, Axles of Evil, Cohen made a cameo appearance and served as the trainer and choreographer for the Drew Barrymore derby film "Whip It." She is also the co-author of the book "Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby."

Stories by Alex Cohen

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This week, California will begin rolling out a new school accountability system that will drastically change the way schools and districts are evaluated.

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Parents all across the country are dealing with a new reality: the empty nest. It's a time of transition that can be tough, but also a welcome change too.

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One ex-Trump advisor didn't want to be a 'hispanic prop'

Houston attorney Jacob Monty was a part of Donald Trump's National Hispanic Advisory Council. But after the GOP candidate's speech in Arizona, he decided to resign.

Can a Virtual Reality experience change how we make decisions?

Virtual Reality devices like Samsung’s Gear VR can be an entertaining novelty, but could what we experience virtually effect us on a deeper level?

A Nation Engaged: Examining the fiscal impact of immigration

Speaking about immigration Wednesday, Donald Trump stated that undocumented persons cost the US $113 billion. But that number doesn't tell the whole story.

Reginald Hudlin on making the 'blackest' Oscars and 'Black Movie Soundtrack II'

Tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, 'Black Movie Soundtrack' is back. The concert is the brain child of Reginald Hudlin, who also produced this year's Oscars.

'This is a gift': Danny Trejo reflects on career, new film

Danny Trejo has been a boxer, inmate, drug intervention counselor, restaurateur, and actor. He's now taking on a role he's never played: himself.

Misogyny tinged with color: A closer look at 'misogynoir'

Essayist Roxane Gay and USC professor Brendesha Tynes help break down the particular brand of prejudice that black women deal with.

Floyd Norman on being a misfit, trouble-maker and animator

Floyd Norman was the first black animator at Disney Studios. According to him there was, "no room for racism," in his line of work

Craig Robinson sings some Luther Vandross to preview The Black Movie Soundtrack II event

The Black Movie Soundtrack II is an event celebrating Black cinema. Craig Robinson will host the event, he spoke (and sang) to Alex Cohen about it.

'Paralympic athletes are the most resilient people on the planet'

Angela Madsen, a Long Beach rowing coach and all-around athlete, will compete in two track & field events in Rio, but that's just the beginning of her talents.

With Paul Manafort gone, Donald Trump might have to 'write-off' California

But it's not too late to save the down ticket races, says Republican analyst Arnold Steinberg.