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Alex Cohen is co-host of KPCC's "Take Two" show. Prior to that, she was host of KPCC's "All Things Considered" in the afternoons.

Before joining Southern California Public Radio, Alex was a host and reporter for NPR's "Day to Day." She's also served as a host and reporter for NPR's "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" as well as American Public Media's "Marketplace" and "Weekend America." Prior to that, she was the L.A. Bureau Chief for KQED FM in San Francisco. She has won various journalistic awards including the LA Press Club’s Best Radio Anchor prize.

As her roller derby alter-ego, Axles of Evil, Cohen made a cameo appearance and served as the trainer and choreographer for the Drew Barrymore derby film "Whip It." She is also the co-author of the book "Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby."

Stories by Alex Cohen

S. David Freeman returns as head of LADWP

For the next six months, S. David Freeman is filling in as general manager for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He's filled the post before - he ran the DWP from 1997 to 2001. In the years since, the LADWP has come under fire, for everything from water main breaks to rate increases. The 83-year-old general manager spoke about the utility's fees, alternative energy, and his plans for retirement.

Unique dinosaur fossils on display at LA County Natural History Museum

Fossils of what is believed to be North America's smallest dinosaur are on display now at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The Fruitadens Haagarorum was no more than two pounds and slightly over a couple feet long. The juveniles were even smaller. Scientists say the Fruitadens Haagarorum was primarily a plant-eating dinosuar, but they believe it supplemented its diet by eating non-plant items, like bugs or small animals. The dinosaur was named in honor of Paul Haaga, the president of the museum's Board of Trustees.

Behind the Scenes with All Things Considered's Melissa Block

Melissa Block is a 24-year veteran of NPR and has been hosting All Things Considered since 2003, after nearly a decade as an NPR correspondent based in New York.

The Ettes come (back) to Southern California

KPCC's Alex Cohen loves the band the Ettes. The Ettes are a four member band that knows how to rock and roll. Their music brings a raw updated feel to the classic garage rock of the '60s. When the Ettes recently came to town for a show at the El Rey, Alex had the chance to chat with the Ettes' lead singer, Coco, who told her how the band got started.

Southern Californians go shark tagging

On October 15th, a group of intrepid undersea explorers from Southern California will travel to the remote coastal village of Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez. There they will try to tag whale sharks. It's part of a project organized by Woodland Hills based Iemanya Oceanica to preserve these mammoth sharks. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Patty Civalleri of Iemanya Oceanica's Board of Directors about the trip.

Dodgers open playoffs against Cardinals

The Dodgers are facing off against the St. Louis Cardinals tonight in game one of the National League Division Series at Dodger Stadium. Among the thousands of fans there is Debbie Lissebeck of Burbank. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Lissebeck and asked her to to describe the scene at Chavez Ravine.

2 LA police officers, 1 former officer face conspiracy, perjury charges

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has charged two LAPD officers and one former officer with lying under oath. The case stems from a drug bust in Hollywood two years ago. KPCC’s Frank Stoltze spoke with All Things Considered host Alex Cohen about the case.

Charles Manson prosecutor Bugliosi comments on death of Manson follower

Susan Atkins, one of the followers of Charles Manson, died of brain cancer Thursday night in a California prison. She was 61. Atkins was sent to prison nearly 40 years ago after she admitted fatally stabbing pregnant actress Sharon Tate during the cult's murder spree in 1969. KPCC's All Things Considered host Alex Cohen spoke about Atkins' death with Vincent Bugliosi, who prosecuted Atkins and other members of the Manson family. Bugliosi said he was not surprised by Atkins' death.

Coyote crackdown in Griffith Park angers some visitors

There's been a crackdown on coyotes on Griffith Park. Last week, wardens from the U.S. Department of Agriculture trapped and lethally shot a number of coyotes, following a report that a man was attacked by one of the animals. Some visitors to Griffith Park have been outraged by the order to eradicate coyotes. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Kevin Brennan, wildlife biologist with the California Department of Fish and Game, and asked him to explain how they make the decision to trap and kill the animals.

DA's office won't retry Bruce Lisker case

Los Angeles County prosecutors say they can't win a murder conviction against a man they thought they'd convicted 24 years ago. That admission to an L.A. judge has ended criminal proceedings against Bruce Lisker. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Lisker who was released last month from Mule Creek State Prison near Sacramento.

NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro sings at the Hollywood Bowl

Usually when you hear NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro on KPCC, he’s reporting on the Justice Department or domestic surveillance. But he also sings. He’ll do that Saturday, September 19th at the Hollywood Bowl when he appears with the band Pink Martini of Portland, Oregon. Ari told KPCC's Alex Cohen how he got involved with the band and his thoughts on his big Southern California debut.

Fire victim speaks about life since losing his home

Two assistance centers opened in Acton and Sylmar Thursday to help people who need disaster relief services in the wake of the Station Fire. One man who’s paying a visit is Adi Ell-Ad, who lost his home in the Vogel Flat neighborhood. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with him yesterday. He told Alex he’s been taking life after the fire one step at a time.

State lawmakers pass bill to restore 'Healthy Families' funding

The state Assembly has passed a bill that would keep more than 600,000 children from being pushed off the state's "Healthy Families" program, which provides low-cost medical insurance. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with state capitol reporter Julie Small about the bill's passage and also about the latest developments on overcrowding in state prisons.

Authorities open homicide investigation into deaths of firefighters

Fire officials say the cause of the station fire was arson and authorities are opening a homicide investigation. KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department about the latest developments.

Big Tujunga Canyon resident returns to destroyed home

The Station Fire has destroyed 64 homes. One of those was of Adi Ell-Ad. KPCC's Alex Cohen talked with Ell-Ad earlier this week and caught up with him again Thursday after he visited his home in Big Tujunga Canyon. Ell-Ad talked about what it was like returning to his neighborhood.