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Annie Gilbertson is an Education Reporter for Southern California Public Radio, covering the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Before joining KPCC, Annie worked for the Southern Education Desk, a CPB-funded project that brought together radio, television and web reporters across the South. She focused her reporting on issues of race and poverty in schools - and brings her experience covering issues of inequality to Southern California. Her work has been featured by NPR, Deutsche Welle, Huffington Post, NBC and Chicago Public Radio, among others.

Annie grew up in Huntington Beach, California. She got hooked on radio reporting in college at Auburn University, where she graduated with a degree in English. When she’s not geeking-out over spreadsheets, you can find her taking dance classes and driving endlessly around Los Angeles.

Got a story idea? Annie would love to hear it. Email her at .

Stories by Annie Gilbertson

LA schools superintendent wants to localize spending

He wants to leave many decisions on how to spend extra state money to school principals. L.A. Unified is also assembling a parent advisory committee of 47 members.

LA schools' Inspector General probes free iPads given to staff

District administration holds the giveaways at a training event in 2012 were within the letter of the law. But one board member says it looks like a conflict of interest.

LA Unified staff received free iPad before contract

A committee questioned Tuesday whether competitors were given a fair shot at the $30 million contract given to Apple and education curriculum developer Pearson.

LA schools' computer science offerings are slim

Even at Los Angeles Unified, where schools are undergoing a massive computer modernization, classes that teach the basics of computer science are hard to come by.

Report: LA Schools' wifi networks may not be ready for tests

District wants to buy 67,500 more iPads so students can take new digital state tests, but most schools' wifi capacity won't be upgraded in time.

LA school board to debate filling LaMotte's seat

Facing pressure from divided black political leaders, Los Angeles Board of Education members will discuss whether to appoint a new member - or call an election.

Will more money mean more teachers for LA schools?

School board member Steve Zimmer says years of staff cuts have affected overall school conditions He wants to use new state money to re-hire laid off staff.

Petition asks LA school board to appoint new member

Supporters of retired administrator George McKenna have gone to the web to rally support. The L.A. Unified school board can pick a replacement or call an election.

12 Days of an LA Schools Christmas: Students grab the mic in new video

What do the holidays look like for young Angelenos? Time to pile on the tamales, cook your first tofurkey and showcase your latest film.

Will LAUSD have enough Internet bandwidth for student tests?

The district does not know how many computers they have or if they'll get online for new digital state tests. But, they are working to find out.

Report: LA schools among most improved in the nation

Los Angeles schools' performance on national tests has historically been dismal. But a new trend shows greater gains. But the stats also show there is a still a long way to go.

Network upgrades push up costs of LA schools' iPad project

Getting iPads in the hands of every student and teacher comes with huge networks costs. Connecting all those tablets to the Internet will cost hundreds of millions.

LA school board postpones decision on filling LaMotte's seat

Los Angeles Unified school board will not discuss how to fill seat vacated by death of Marguerite LaMotte until after her burial after outcry from public speakers.

Charter school operators ordered to pay back stolen funds

A husband and wife schemed to take home hundreds of thousands in operation funds from the charter school network they founded. A judge orders them to pay it back.

Politics of LA school board may shift

An open board seat offers chance to affect the direction of education in the state's largest district. Special interest groups could soon pull out their wallets.