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Annie Gilbertson is an Education Reporter for Southern California Public Radio, covering the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Before joining KPCC, Annie worked for the Southern Education Desk, a CPB-funded project that brought together radio, television and web reporters across the South. She focused her reporting on issues of race and poverty in schools - and brings her experience covering issues of inequality to Southern California. Her work has been featured by NPR, Deutsche Welle, Huffington Post, NBC and Chicago Public Radio, among others.

Annie grew up in Huntington Beach, California. She got hooked on radio reporting in college at Auburn University, where she graduated with a degree in English. When she’s not geeking-out over spreadsheets, you can find her taking dance classes and driving endlessly around Los Angeles.

Got a story idea? Annie would love to hear it. Email her at .

Stories by Annie Gilbertson

SEC scrutinizes LAUSD bond-financed iPad program

Did Los Angeles Unified properly disclose its plans to purchase iPads with bond funds? The Securities and Exchange Commission is asking questions.

LAUSD dumps Apple iPad software, demands millions in refunds

LA Unified says it is "extremely dissatisfied" with software publisher Pearson's work for the iPad program. If a deal isn't reached, LAUSD could take Apple to court.

LAUSD's multibillion-dollar health care deal wins approval

A majority of LAUSD's school board approved a $1 billion employee health care agreement, but turned down a call to look into the district's mounting financial obligations.

LAUSD board to vote on $1B in health care costs sans budget

The school board has discussed cuts to preschool, counselors and the arts, but still hasn't laid eyes on a draft budget for next year.

Court ruling may open more school space to charters

The California Supreme Court issues a ruling in a feud between charter schools and Los Angeles Unified over sharing school space.

Kindergarten parents line up for few spots in choice schools

Parents are pitching tents to secure a seat in L.A. Unified’s advanced kindergarten program at Mar Vista Elementary. Some pay others to line up for them.

Libraries still lacking in South LAUSD elementary schools

L.A. Unified shuttered hundreds of libraries after the recession. Many have reopened, but in poorer parts of L.A., hiring is lagging.

Common Core testing renews debate over standards

Creators of the Common Core say it emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Some parents aren’t convinced.

Should LAUSD students start the school year in August?

Parents are debating whether LAUSD's new school calendar starting the year on Aug. 18 is a good idea. Some like it, some don't. Tell us what you think.

LAUSD school board approves layoff notices

Counselors, art teachers and other staff could be laid off or reassigned next school year. The teachers union says the warnings are a bargaining scare tactic.

LAUSD expected to end in the black for at least this year

Los Angeles Unified expects to finish this year in the black. But next year, it predicts costs will soar and the district will face a $160 million deficit.

Voters not yet ready to decide in LAUSD board race

In the Los Angeles Unified school board race, incumbents in contested elections are facing runoffs. Are voters ready for change?

LAUSD District 7 board race draws rivals to the same side

President Richard Vladovic led LAUSD's board through a year marked by troubled projects, but is widely supported by unions and charter school advocates.

LAUSD election financing pits charter schools, teacher union

Los Angeles Unified's school board races have drawn $2 million so far. Charter school advocates and teacher union contributions dominate the interests represented.

LAUSD opening shuttered elementary school libraries

The Great Recession led to library closings across Los Angeles Unified. But now, most elementary students can check out books at their school libraries.