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Annie Gilbertson is an Education Reporter for Southern California Public Radio, covering the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Before joining KPCC, Annie worked for the Southern Education Desk, a CPB-funded project that brought together radio, television and web reporters across the South. She focused her reporting on issues of race and poverty in schools - and brings her experience covering issues of inequality to Southern California. Her work has been featured by NPR, Deutsche Welle, Huffington Post, NBC and Chicago Public Radio, among others.

Annie grew up in Huntington Beach, California. She got hooked on radio reporting in college at Auburn University, where she graduated with a degree in English. When she’s not geeking-out over spreadsheets, you can find her taking dance classes and driving endlessly around Los Angeles.

Got a story idea? Annie would love to hear it. Email her at .

Stories by Annie Gilbertson

LA schools committee nixes iPads for every teacher

Some members of a citizens oversight committee say iPad program expansion costs don't add up. They refuse to sign off on parts of district's current plan.

As LA schools committee scrutinizes iPad expansion, students delighted

L.A. Unified School District's iPad program has many skeptics. It also has diehard enthusiasts, like the second graders at Baldwin Hills Elementary.

Money for new curriculum is out, education firms ready sales pitch

California schools are staring down a daunting challenge this year: they must shift how and what they teach to meet new learning standards called the Common Core. And for-profit companies are lining up to offer help — for a price.

LA Unified iPads: The Movie

The school district is hoping to turn public perception of the iPad program with the help of Hollywood.

UPDATE: LA Unified board approved more iPads and new laptops

In a late-night deal, the district decided both move forward with expanding the program and to study the effectiveness of both devices before deciding how to equip remaining students.

LA school board to reconsider touch-screen devices

Some parents and students say it's time to ditch the iPads—they'd rather have laptops. Officials say delays will hurt, but school board wants to consider it.

LA schools: iPad IT support estimates were way off

The district is tripling it's original estimate for iPad IT. Other iPad staffing costs are edging-up, including new line for school police for iPad security.

LA parents yawn over political battle over superintendent

Echo Park parents picking up kids after school said they saw the headlines - but most don't care. What's really important: who their kid's teacher is.

LA school board votes to keep superintendent

The board gave Deasy a satisfactory approval – an annual condition of extending his contract. Board staff would not say how many voted in favor or how many against.

LAUSD Superintendent Deasy given satisfactory review, contract renewed

A superintendent’s review is usually routine, but a public uproar has turned the L.A. school board's review of John Deasy into a political referendum. Follow live coverage here.

Tech-savvy teen test-drives LA schools' iPad software

KPCC put the software's trumpeted interactive features under a microscope with the help of a tech whiz kid. Will he love it — or get bored?

LA Unified: who picked iPads, Pearson for schools?

L.A. Unified has long guarded the details of the iPad purchase, but has recently begun releasing some documents. First up: who was on the selection committee.

Angelenos get free help with legal woes at weekend clinic

At the L.A. Law Library's legal clinic, 25 providers helped people struggling with domestic violence, criminal records, immigration problems and other legal woes.

LA schools: Superintendent Deasy denies rumors he's resigned

Rumors of LA Unified head John Deasy's resignation reached a fever pitch Thursday after media reports. Deasy says he hasn't tendered his resignation — but will he?

LA school district has no Plan B for iPads in schools

For the first time, a school board committee called into question whether the iPad project would continue. Officials said there is no Plan B to administer state tests.