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Ashley Alvarado is the Public Engagement Editor for Southern California Public Radio.

Ashley works with KPCC’s Public Insight Network, a group of several thousand people who help the newsroom cover Southern California by sharing their insights, experiences and expertise. People who respond to Public Insight Network questions inform KPCC’s reporting and have appeared in many award-winning news reports and on talk show segments.

Alvarado is focused on helping to reach and engage communities across Southern California in KPCC stories through the Public Insight Network as well as offline outreach.

Alvarado’s work with community engagement and the Public Insight Network began at the Center for Investigative Reporting, where she served as community news editor and oversaw the news-engagement and public engagement staff at its California Watch and The Bay Citizen projects.

She helped develop offline engagement and nontraditional distribution strategies as well as reader resource guides and community toolkits, which provide ways for people to become involved in the issues highlighted by California Watch articles. For a 19-month-investigation on earthquake safety in California Schools, Alvarado wrote and designed a coloring book that was initially produced in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, traditional and simplified Chinese. Turkish and Kurdish versions have since been added, and more than 136,000 are printed or in production.

Alvarado currently serves as managing editor of Los Cabos Magazine and previously worked at Los Angeles and Tu Ciudad Los Angeles magazines. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where she double-majored in journalism and Spanish.

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