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Ashley Bailey
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Ashley Bailey is an Associate Producer for "Morning Edition" and "Weekend Edition." She joined KPCC's staff in January 2012.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Her work has been featured on NPR, as well as its affiliates, KHSU and KQED.

While in school, Ashley was an editor for the student newspaper, an anchor for a student television production and news director for her college radio station. She also has worked as a social media consultant, a business editor and a graphic designer.

Stories by Ashley Bailey

Disney will limit smoking in films; loopholes still open

For years Disney has depicted characters puffing from cigarettes, cigars and pipes. That includes in Disney Classics like "Pinocchio," "The Little Mermaid" and "Peter Pan."

Fishing line recycling seeks to protect wildlife along LA River

A Los Angeles nonprofit is installing recycling tubes in some areas of the historic L.A. River to reduce injuries to wildlife.

Trump, families speak on immigration amidst LA protest

Trump and families of people slain by allegedly illegal immigrants spoke Friday evening at the Luxe hotel in Brentwood while an immigrant rights group protested.

Man critical after being shot by police in Mid-Wilshire

An officer investigating vandalism in Mid-Wilshire shot a man with a skateboard after a struggle. A neighbor said he witnessed the shooting and thought it was excessive.

17 sea lions injured accidentally by chlorine, Laguna Beach police find

The Laguna Beach Police Department interviewed employees, looked at surveillance footage and found no signs of an intentional act at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Tons of guns melted at Sheriff's Department annual gun melt

The event melts guns used in crimes, said Deputy Sheriff Don Walker. The purpose is to destroy the weapons so they are never used for crimes again.

Fourth of July: Where SoCal residents are going

It's going to be the biggest July Fourth weekend for SoCal travelers since 2007. Las Vegas and San Diego top the destination list.

Bacteria could offer new treatment for pancreatic cancer

A new study suggests that modified salmonella bacteria can target tumors that are highly resistant to other forms of treatment in a deadly form of pancreatic cancer.

Heat hacks: Tips to stay cool when working under the sun

Workers really need to be mindful of watching out for their own health when working under hot temperatures, Amy Martin, Chief Counsel of Cal/OSHA says.

Rain expected as storm Blanca passes through SoCal

The NWS says temperatures Monday will surpass 100 degrees in some locations. But on Tuesday, a low-pressure system will bring moisture into SoCal.

LA County water district hires 24/7 water cops

Residents of Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills and Westlake Village can expect to see uniformed personnel tracking their outdoor water use.

Southern California gets first 'reverse' spring in nearly 100 years

Normally, May is hotter than April, April hotter than March, but in many locations around Southern California, we had a cooling trend the deeper we got into spring, according to the weather service.

LA County awarded $150,000 grant to reduce jail population

The awards are part of the MacArthur Foundation's Safety and Justice Challenge, a $75 million initiative to reduce over-incarceration through innovation and reform.

Memorial Day marked by cross-city flyover of WW2 squadron

If you're hearing any loud rumbling in the sky this morning, you may be in the path of a family of vintage World War Two planes flying in tight formation over L.A. to mark Memorial Day.

Candlelight vigil to be held for Isla Vista victims

On the one-year anniversary of the Isla Vista killings, parents, students and community members will come together to honor the victims of Elliot Rodger's deadly rampage.