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Ben Bergman is KPCC's Senior Reporter on the Southern California Economy.

He’s a frequent contributor to NPR and Marketplace, and often hosts Southern California Public Radio’s daily newsmagazine, Take Two, as well as Morning Edition and major breaking news coverage for the station.

Bergman has reported extensively on the NFL's return to Los Angeles after a 20 year absence, the campaign to bring the 2024 Olympics to Southern California, L.A.’s housing affordability problem, and the city’s adoption of a $15 minimum wage.

He was previously KPCC's Orange County Reporter, where he covered the closure of the San Onofre nuclear plant and the Christopher Dorner manhunt.

Before joining KPCC in 2012, Bergman was a producer for NPR’s Morning Edition, both in Washington D.C., and at NPR West in Culver City.

He has been a producer for some of the most recognizable voices in radio — Renee Montagne, Steve Inskeep, Susan Stamberg, and Linda Wertheimer. He has produced interviews with everyone from The Dalai Lama (three times) to Ben Stiller to Ben Affleck. Bergman was also the Morning Edition anchor at Aspen Public Radio in Colorado.

Bergman has also written for "Time Magazine" and "The New York Times" and was a reporting intern at "The Times."

Originally from Seattle, Bergman graduated cum laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a degree in politics.

In his free time, Bergman enjoys tennis, fitness, skiing, traveling to new places, and cheering on The Seattle Seahawks.

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