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Brian Watt covers working and entrepreneurship for KPCC. He joined the KPCC news team in 2007. Prior to that, he worked as a producer at "Marketplace," where he filed a number of his own stories and even filled in some mornings as host.

Brian's work for KPCC has won numerous awards. In 2008, Brian won “First Place for Business and Financial Coverage – Broadcast” from the Los Angeles Press Club. He’s won two Golden Mike awards from the Radio and TV News Association of Southern California, including Best Consumer/Financial Reporting in 2010. In 2011, the KPCC “Grocery Series” he contributed to won first Place from Public Radio news Directors Incorporated (PRNDI).

Brian’s KPCC career began with a year-long fellowship courtesy of the Annenberg Foundation. In 2014, Brian was one of 30 fellows selected nationally for an intensive seminar at the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism.

Stories by Brian Watt

Warehouse workers join port truck drivers on picket line

The move is seen as a new strategy that will create deeper disruptions in the supply chain, to give truckers and warehouse workers more bargaining power.

Uber edging out taxi services for LA business travelers

A study of millions of business travel receipts shows App-based ride services are chosen more than cabs and rental cars. Cabbies say they're trying to compete.

How LA plans to crack down on its wage theft problem

Workers are shortchanged on their paychecks more in LA than anywhere else in the country. New details are emerging about the city's future office to prevent that.

LA considering a plan to cut taxes for small businesses

If approved, 70,000 LA businesses would get a tax cut by the year 2020. But the city would receive $50 million less in revenue. Council members want more time to think about it.

Are SoCal stores prepared for the new credit card standard?

Retail credit card transactions will officially change Thursday. Local shop keepers who don't have the newest credit card readers will be liable for fraud.

Santa Monica City Council puts off minimum wage vote

The Santa Monica City Council decided to put off a vote on raising the minimum wage. The council’s Tuesday evening meeting lasted into Wednesday morning.

Santa Monica City Council discusses raising the minimum wage

The council is taking up a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by the year 2020, just like Los Angeles. City staff have recommended a controversial union exemption.

More than 100 LA taxi drivers vote to join national union

Uber and Lyft have hurt business for L.A.'s 2,000-plus cabbies. Some want to unionize to fight back. Yellow Cab's chief says "it remains to be seen" if organizing has any value.

Southern California company ordered to pay back overtime wages

As the federal government moves to make more salaried workers eligible for overtime pay, investigators say an Agoura Hills company must pay $415,000 in back wages.

LA and 4 European cities will compete to host 2024 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee's official announcement comes with trepidation about hosting costs. But the IOC says its new reform plan would rein in spending.

LA County won't exempt some employers from paying higher wage

Board of Supervisors debated giving some employers a pass from paying the higher minimum wage. In a 3-2 vote they decided to give out no exemptions.

Wage theft enforcement bill passes in California legislature

The law cracks down on employers who don't pay their workers in full. The practice is rampant in LA, which is known as the "wage theft capital of the U.S."

Local businesses feeling the heat this week

Small business owners say heat waves are bad for the bottom line. Customers stay home, and the soaring temperatures drive up energy bills.

Looking for a new job? There's an app for that

A handful of new job-seeking apps have taken a cue from Tinder. Users swipe left or right on job listings, and match with compatible employers.

Labor community says wage theft is their next fight

Los Angeles is considered the wage theft capitol of the country. Labor leaders say they want to change that in the coming year.