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Brian Watt covers working and entrepreneurship for KPCC. He joined the KPCC news team in 2007. Prior to that, he worked as a producer at "Marketplace," where he filed a number of his own stories and even filled in some mornings as host.

Brian's work for KPCC has won numerous awards. In 2008, Brian won “First Place for Business and Financial Coverage – Broadcast” from the Los Angeles Press Club. He’s won two Golden Mike awards from the Radio and TV News Association of Southern California, including Best Consumer/Financial Reporting in 2010. In 2011, the KPCC “Grocery Series” he contributed to won first Place from Public Radio news Directors Incorporated (PRNDI).

Brian’s KPCC career began with a year-long fellowship courtesy of the Annenberg Foundation. In 2014, Brian was one of 30 fellows selected nationally for an intensive seminar at the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism.

Stories by Brian Watt

Labor community says wage theft is their next fight

Los Angeles is considered the wage theft capitol of the country. Labor leaders say they want to change that in the coming year.

Why it's feeling like 2007 again

The U.S. unemployment rate is 5.1%. In California, it's 6.2%. Those are pre-recession levels. Most employers say they plan to keep hiring over the next six months.

A '2024 Olympics' bill kicking around Sacramento

Mayor Garcetti wants the state legislature to approve a financial guarantee to cover cost overruns if LA hosts the 2024 Games. A bill is already in the pipeline.

Update: Los Angeles will be US bid city for 2024 Olympics

The Council incorporated some financial oversight measures in its approval for L.A. to pursue being a host city for what would be its third Olympics

Netflix will relocate from Beverly Hills to Hollywood

The company will move to a 200,000 square foot office space along Hollywood's Sunset Corridor. Netflix already employs 400 locals and plans to hire more.

Compton's jobs outlook brightens, as unemployment rate falls

A new movie and a City Hall controversy have brought attention to Compton, where more people are getting jobs and opening businesses.

Despite Boeing layoffs, aerospace industry holds its own

Boeing must lay off workers in its El-Segundo-based satellite division, but an economist says the global demand for satellites could grow in coming years.

Los Angeles 2024 Olympics revenue projections may be on the high side

Organizers behind Los Angeles' plans for the 2024 Olympic Games released a budget that predicts a $161 million surplus. See the full proposal here.

Would these 6 questions keep you from quitting your job?

The tightening labor market in California has some companies scrambling to keep their best employees. One technique: The "Stay Interview."

Google's .xyz announcement brings windfall to Silicon Beach entrepreneur

Google's parent company Alphabet launched itself at That's good news for the 29-year-old Silicon Beach entrepreneur who owns the rights to sites with the xyz extension.

Police agencies have a tough time finding good recruits

An abundance of vacancies and a tough climate for police are making it hard to find good law enforcement candidates, officials say.

Santa Monica business owners: Wage hike may be last straw

Santa Monica is already well known for being an expensive and tricky place to do business. A rising minimum wage, say business owners, would just make it worse.

Long Beach City Council votes to study minimum wage hike (updated)

With the city and county of Los Angeles already raising its minimum wage, and other municipalities thinking about it, Long Beach officials will consider studying it.

First Person: Brenda Evans helps ex-cons find jobs

When former clients return to say, "'Look, I bought a car, I’m in my own place right now,' there is nothing like it," says Evans.

Why it's just gotten harder to get a business loan

Uncle Sam has loaned money to more than 2,000 local businesses this year. But his coffers ran dry this week, and Congress may not replenish the funds until October.