David Wagner

Business and Economy Reporter

David Wagner covers business and the economy for KPCC. Before coming to KPCC, he was the science and technology reporter for KPBS in San Diego. There, he reported on fields like genomics and climate science. He also investigated stem cell treatment businesses in San Diego and Tijuana. His stories have been aired nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, the PBS NewsHour and Marketplace.

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Stories by David Wagner

Would raising age limits decrease California gun sales?

Southern California gun store owners say they don't get many customers old enough to buy a rifle, but not yet old enough to buy a handgun.

LA's economy is strong — but not for all workers

We're doing better than we have since the recession. Although unemployment is below five percent, many of these jobs aren't stable or well-paying.

LA is still figuring out where pot shops can open

Some in the cannabis industry say the rules around where pot shops can locate have become so broad that, in certain cases, they might include traffic medians.

What stock market swings mean for California

Big losses on Wall Street should concern Californians — even those with no money in the stock market — because they can have a big impact on the state's budget.

Insurers could be on the hook for Montecito mudslide damage

Most homeowners' insurance policies exclude coverage for mudslides. But California's insurance commissioner says in the case of Montecito, insurers should pay out. Here's why.

Here's what 2018 tax changes mean for 4 California households

Four Southern California households at four different income levels shared their tax returns with us. Here's how the GOP's tax overhaul will affect each of them.

LA Times journalists vote to unionize amid turmoil

LA Times journalists vote to unionize as the paper's publisher, Ross Levinsohn, faces allegations of past "frat house behavior", and inappropriate conduct.

The mudslide closure of the 101 is hurting Santa Barbara businesses

A Santa Barbara County flower grower says a trucking route that usually takes three hours is now taking eight.

Victim search expands as mudslides kill 17

There were also at least 25 injured, with thousands still under evacuation orders. At least 50 had to be rescued by helicopters.

SoCal storm triggers mudslides, killing at least 15 and destroying homes

There were also at least 25 injured, with thousands still under evacuation orders. In Burbank, the storm overflowed a storm basin Tuesday afternoon, sending mud flowing through.

Rain prompts evacuations for Southern California burn areas

With the first major storm of the season heading for Southern California, residents in the burn areas for recent major fires are preparing for potential mudslides.

New US Attorney in LA hasn't said anything about the marijuana rule change

Nicola Hanna wouldn't say whether he'll prosecute marijuana distributors after Obama-era restrictions on enforcing federal pot laws were lifted.

Don't expect to celebrate New Year's Day with legal pot in LA

Hoping to buy some legal recreational weed on Jan. 1? You'll have to leave Los Angeles to find a shop ready for sales — or wait until February.

What the GOP tax bill means for California nonprofits

Economists say fewer Californians are likely to itemize their taxes under the GOP plan. Does that mean they'll stop making tax-deductible contributions to charity?

Here's what the final GOP tax plan means for California

Golden Staters typically deduct an average of $18,400 for state and local taxes from their federal tax bill. The GOP plan would limit that to $10,000.