David Wagner

Business and Economy Reporter

David Wagner covers business and the economy for KPCC. Before coming to KPCC, he was the science and technology reporter for KPBS in San Diego. There, he reported on fields like genomics and climate science. He also investigated stem cell treatment businesses in San Diego and Tijuana. His stories have been aired nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, the PBS NewsHour and Marketplace.

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Stories by David Wagner

What the Senate's tax vote means for California

This week, Senate Republicans are aiming to pass a number of changes that could significantly affect how much Californians pay in federal taxes.

House approves GOP tax overhaul, with Senate outlook uncertain

The vote for the $1.4 trillion overhaul was almost along party lines, with no Democrats voting in support of the bill and some GOP defections over provisions that would eliminate important tax deductions taken by constituents in some high tax states.

Could OC be the country's next tech hub?

Office rents are rising faster in Orange County than in San Francisco or L.A.'s Silicon Beach — but they're still lower than many other place, luring tech firms.

Amazon is hiring 3,000 people in the IE, but their jobs end at Christmas

Black Friday is just around the corner. And that means online retail giants like Amazon need more warehouse workers to pack and ship all those gifts you're buying online.

Senate tax plan takes more, gives some back to California homeowners

Tax policy experts say Californians who own a home or are looking to buy one shouldn't expect relief under either the House or Senate plan.

Tax plan could pump the brakes on CA's electric car market

California is a hotbed for electric cars. But some advocates are worried that Congress is about to end a key tax incentive helping this market get up to speed.

Would GOP tax plan help CA small businesses?

The GOP its tax plan would help small businesses through cuts for "pass-through" businesses. But some L.A. tax experts are unsure that it would.

GOP tax plan disproportionately hits SoCal homebuyers

Experts say the GOP tax plan will hit SoCal homebuyers whose mortgage interest deduction would be lowered while homeowners would also be affected.