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Deepa Fernandes is the Early Childhood Development Correspondent at KPCC.

Deepa began her radio career at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney in 1995. From there she lived and traveled in Latin America, reporting for the ABC and BBC World Service.

On arriving in New York City in the late 90s, Fernandes joined Pacifica Radio as the anchor of the national evening newscast and later as the host of the live, three-hour morning show on WBAI, 99.5fm. She also founded and ran a national nonprofit, People’s Production House, that conducts journalism trainings in minority communities.

Fernandes published her first book, “Targeted. Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration,” published by 7 Stories Press, in 2006. In 2012, she was a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. Fernandes has an MA from Columbia University.

Fernandes is well suited to KPCC’s new beat of Early Childhood Development as she is the mother of two toddlers under 4, perhaps the most challenging job she has ever had.

Stories by Deepa Fernandes

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The number of ear infections in young children have dropped -- but not the number of antibiotic prescriptions issued for them. That's worried the American Academy of Pediatrics which on Monday issued new guidelines for how to treat a child’s ear infection.

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As the public education system becomes more rigorous and standardized, the effect is creeping down to the youngest students. Educators worry that 4-year-olds aren't quite yet ready for the academic focus that kindergarten today demands. KPCC's Deepa Fernandes reports.

Yes, your kid does behave better after watching Dora

Study shows preschoolers behave better when they're exposed to quality educational and socially-responsible television rather than programs that include violence.

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One week after promising to inject funds into Early Childhood education, President Obama is now warning that Head Start may face cuts if a budget deal isn't reached.

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Advocates want mothers to breastfeed longer

Scientific evidence on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding is uncontested, yet fewer than half of mothers are still nursing at six months

Details emerge: Obama's early education plan

The proposal, which does not include a price tag, would expand the Early Head Start program, which subsidizes pre-K programs for poor kids.

Obama proposes more preschool access; details sketchy

Early childhood education advocates were pleased with President Obama 's remarks but said he fell short in details in his State of the Union speech.

Transitional kindergarten is on today's agenda

Watch a conference where administrators, principals and teachers are sharing strategies for creating more successful TK programs.

California bucks trend in preschool budget increases

At the White House and in governors' offices nationwide, there’s a move to increase access to early childhood education. Except in California.

Convention on breastfeeding begins in Anaheim

Physicians, nurses, lactation consultants, nutritionists, advocates and moms will discuss how breastfeeding is promoted -- and undermined.

Your toddler knows what you're thinking

The ability to reason has an enormous impact on how both adults and children understand, evaluate and accept what they are taught -- how we come to know the things that we know.

No more four year olds in kindergarten in California

California has moved up the cutoff for kindergarten enrollment, but it offers an alternative for the older four-year-old.

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Bilingual immersion programs are growing in popularity all over California, but are there actual benefits to programs that teach multiple languages at the elementary level?