Deepa Fernandes Early Childhood Development Correspondent

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Deepa Fernandes is the Early Childhood Development Correspondent at KPCC.

Deepa began her radio career at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney in 1995. From there she lived and traveled in Latin America, reporting for the ABC and BBC World Service.

On arriving in New York City in the late 90s, Fernandes joined Pacifica Radio as the anchor of the national evening newscast and later as the host of the live, three-hour morning show on WBAI, 99.5fm. She also founded and ran a national nonprofit, People’s Production House, that conducts journalism trainings in minority communities.

Fernandes published her first book, “Targeted. Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration,” published by 7 Stories Press, in 2006. In 2012, she was a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. Fernandes has an MA from Columbia University.

Fernandes is well suited to KPCC’s new beat of Early Childhood Development as she is the mother of two toddlers under 4, perhaps the most challenging job she has ever had.

Stories by Deepa Fernandes

Preschool advocates encouraged by federal, state budget news

If passed, the bi-partisan federal budget deal will bring some much needed funding back to Head Start. In Sacramento, Democrats are pushing for preschool funding.

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Eyeing that cute, Marvel Captain America super-hero shield for your toddler this Christmas? A new report that found it contains 29 times the legal limit for lead.

Pregnant in Prison: Should newborns live with their incarcerated mothers?

Two hundred thirty-three inmates gave birth while incarcerated in California’s prison system in 2011 and 2012. Most were back in shackles two days later, their infants off to live with relatives or foster parents.

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Researchers found little difference between PG13 and R rated movies in the level of violence paired with other "risky" behaviors, like smoking or sexual activity.

Farmers on alert for freezing conditions that can damage crops

The weekend cold snap temporarily closed freeways, caused a small power outage and made farmers work all night - but the effects were mostly limited.

Study: Traffic pollution triples risk of autism in at-risk kids

USC researchers find the risk for autism is heightened when children who have a certain gene mutation are exposed to high levels of pollution.

To teach toddlers gratitude, connect it to happiness

At the East Los Angeles College Child Development Center, teachers use stories and role playing to teach gratitude year-round. Here's how they do it.

Study: kids in poverty have smaller brains

Researchers found that children exposed to poverty from an early age had smaller “brain volumes” in the regions of the brain that process emotions and memory.

LA Unified unveils swanky new preschool in Glassell Park

Until now, the district offered no pre-kindergarten classes in Glassell Park, which is majority Latino and low-income. Parents pay $2 to $17.75 a day, based on income.

Online breast milk sharing now common, but is it safe?

The Internet is brimming with breast milk sharing collectives, milk banks and even individuals offering excess milk. But one study found lots of bacteria.

Report: US children under 3 more diverse, battling poverty

White children under 3 years old made up 49.5% of the population in 2012, dropping below majority for the first time. One quarter of young kids live in poverty.

Serving healthy meals to preschoolers in a 'food desert'

Compton daycare providers brainstorm about salad bars during the inaugural training session of a $6.1 million L.A. county initiative to improve toddler's lunches.

New study: achievement gap begins at 18 months

Stanford researchers found the language gap between children of low socio-economic groups and their more well-to-do peers begins as young as 18 months old.

Advocates buzzing over upcoming universal preschool bill

The first significant legislation on early childhood education in more than a decade will be introduced in Congress Wednesday.

Child care costs now comparable to college tuition

When it comes to the affordability of child care, a new report gives California an F. Infant care in 2012 ate up 44 percent of wages in single-earner families.