Elina Shatkin

Digital Producer

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Elina Shatkin is a Digital Producer for KPCC.

Prior to joining the station, Elina was the arts and culture editor at Los Angeles magazine, a restaurant critic for L.A. Weekly and a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times.

Her work has appeared in such publications as California Sunday, The Believer, Bitch, HiLobrow and on the radio at KPCC and KCRW.

She is a fan of dogs, bicycles, dark chocolate and bad Russian accents.

Stories by Elina Shatkin

Alhambra keeps going boom and no one knows why

Loud noises echoing through northeast Alhambra have been baffling, bothering and bewildering residents for months — and no one seems to know where they're coming from.

2nd shark sighting at Dana Point beach

Two shark sightings in as many days have put swimmers on edge in the Orange County community.

Long Beach bets big on separated bike lanes

For one day only, city officials converted an existing parking lane into a pop-up bike lane and moved the parking lane into the travel lane. How'd it go over?

San Bernardino brushfire forces evacuations, causes injuries

A small but fast-moving fire in San Bernardino burned several structures and left three people with minor injuries Saturday. The cause of the fire is being investigated as arson.

What Christie's found inside Ronald Reagan's house

For the right price a Tiffany clock, a gold Bulgari bangle or a Grandma Moses painting, once owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan, could be yours.

Angelyne's little pink Corvette — it's for sale

What else do you get the person who's finally ready to live their best life pretending to be Malibu Barbie? Angelyne will even sign the car for you.

Security at LAX: What to know after the Istanbul attack

The chief of Airport Police explains how he began retooling LAX's security plan as soon as he heard about the suicide bombings in Turkey.

Bear attack closes campground near Altadena

Never keep food in your tent. One man learned this lesson the hard way while camping in the Angeles National Forest over the weekend.

Cat Con LA, a purr-fect weekend for feline fans

The two-day convention wants to redefine the cat lady stereotype — which makes sense because nearly a third of attendees are men.

Thousands without power in Valley Village

You can blame a crow that came into contact with a 34,500 volt circuit breaker.

New LA initiative aims to ease small business owners' woes

Opening a small business in L.A. often involves hefty fees and regulatory headaches. A new plan is trying to fix that.

Silver Lake fire shuts down 2 Freeway

Nearly 200 firefighters and several helicopters put out an eight-acre fire that broke out in a residential neighborhood of Silver Lake on Sunday.

In-N-Out rival CaliBurger opens in Pasadena

CaliBurger opened in 2012 in China, serving "double doubles" and "animal-style fries." After a few years and a legal settlement, the chain has come to SoCal, home of the fast-food burger.

Finally! Waze won't tell you to make those awful left turns

Waze just rolled out a new feature designed to eliminate dangerous left turns — and in Los Angeles we get to try it first.

Arrest of heavily-armed suspect in Santa Monica rattles LA Pride event

Law enforcement officials arrested a heavily-armed suspect in Santa Monica early Sunday who told police he had been heading to L.A.'s Pride event.