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Elizabeth Aguilera is KPCC's Community Health Reporter.

Elizabeth is an experienced, award-winning beat reporter who has spent the bulk of her career in print. For the past three years she was been a staff writer at U-T San Diego, where she covered immigration and demographics. In 2013, Elizabeth traveled to Mexico to cover cross-border sex trafficking. She covered urban affairs, immigration, and business during a seven-year stint at the Denver Post, and has also worked for the Orange County Register and Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Elizabeth says that, throughout her career, her work has focused on the intersection of people and policy.

An L.A. native, Elizabeth has a B.A. in political science and journalism from Pepperdine University, and a M.A in journalism from USC’s Annenberg School.

Stories by Elizabeth Aguilera

LA County sues SoCal Gas over shut-off valves

In the wake of the massive Porter Ranch gas leak, the county seeks to force the company to install underground shut-off valves on all of its wells.

Last of the Maywood fire evacuees can go home

Last month's explosive industrial fire forced the evacuation of 43 households. Officials say they have now removed all toxic metals that landed in yards and homes.

High lead levels found at 5 schools near Exide

Tests find elevated levels in yards where kids play before and after class at two elementary schools. Regulators have not yet decided whether to remove the tainted soil.

An inside look at the world of drug presentations

Drug makers paid Dr. Jason Kellogg $355,000 in 2014, mostly in speaking fees. He defends the practice against critics, calling it an effective way to educate providers.

Maywood fire: LA moves displaced to motels, cleanup continues

Two weeks after the huge industrial fire, nearly 200 people have accepted L.A. County's offer to put them up in motel rooms until they get the all-clear to go home.

Maywood fire evacuees can't return home yet

After a suggestion that the all-clear could come by Saturday, L.A. County Public Health says it will take "several days" to release the results of indoor air samples.

A longer wait to go home for some Maywood fire evacuees

It will be late Friday or early Saturday before the U.S. EPA has results from air samples taken from inside homes closest to the site of this week's explosive fire.

State says expanded Exide cleanup won't start for a year

The environmental review process will delay the removal of lead-tainted soil from homes in an expanded cleanup area until May or June of 2017.

Despite Prince's death, fentanyl still a rarity among opioids

The extremely powerful painkiller still only commands a small fraction of the legal opioid prescription market.

Antelope Valley to candidates: More homeless funding, please

Officials say they're not getting their fair share of L.A. Homeless Services Authority funding. Those running to be the area's new county supervisor agree.

Email scandal leads to review of lead levels at Jordan Downs

Regulators had ruled in 2014 to take no further action to deal with elevated levels of lead at the Watts housing complex. An email scandal prompted the second look.

Quemetco to begin testing soil soon

Starting May 31, Quemetco is set to begin sampling soil on major thoroughfares and nearby creek beds. In late June, it's scheduled to start testing residential properties.

Email scandal at toxics agency sparks broad review

A state agency reviews its decisions to take no action on possible toxics contamination. The focus is on two scientists who had exchanged racially-charged emails.

BPA warning signs go up in stores. How dangerous is it?

The chemical is in the linings of cans and bottles. The state says it can harm the female reproductive system. The FDA says it's safe.

DWP to investigate murky tap water in Watts

Some people in and around Watts say for the past few months brown water has intermittently run out of their taps. The DWP says a broken fire hydrant may be to blame.