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Erika Aguilar covers Orange County for KPCC. Prior to that she was the station's crime, courts and public safety reporter.

Erika joined KPCC in 2012 after four years reporting on environmental issues for public radio station KUT in Austin, Texas, where she earned recognition for her work covering the 2009 shootings at the Fort Hood Army post in Killeen, the 2011 Texas wildfires and the state’s ongoing drought. Some of her reporting has been featured on NPR and American Public Media’s "Marketplace."

Before joining KUT, Aguilar worked in TV news as an assignment editor and assistant producer for the CBS affiliate in Austin. She’s a journalism and history graduate of Texas State University.

Any tips or story ideas can be sent to Erika by email at

Stories by Erika Aguilar

Meet the Watts Bears: LAPD's new pee-wee football team

The newly formed boys football team is one place where the 'hood you live in, the color you wear, or the street you're from doesn't matter.

Black Friday crimestoppers: Slow down and be safe

Shoppers beware of car burglar thieves and distracted or reckless drivers this holiday shopping weekend to stay safe and victimless.

L.A. County graduates its first batch of jail inmate firefighters

About a hundred inmates serving time in L.A. County jails are now certified to fight wildland fires with the county's fire department as part of a new program.

LAPD shootings: 3 incidents in 2012, officers fired 60+ rounds

There have been more so-called "high round" LAPD officer-involved shootings so far this year than in any year since 2007.

Autistic man goes missing while on adult day care trip

An autistic man who cannot communicate goes missing in downtown L.A. while on his first day with an adult care group.

Family of unarmed man shot by deputies wants the FBI to investigate

The family of a man shot and killed by two L.A. Sheriff's deputies want the FBI to investigate because they say investigators tried to pressure witnesses to change their story about what happened.

LA Sheriff's deputy charged with murder lived near victim

After a five-month investigation, L.A. police arrested a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy who has been charged with the murder of a Sylmar man shot and killed in June.

89-year old man assaulted on bus died from natural causes.

L.A. County Coroner says an 89-year old man who was punched on a bus died from natural causes and not from the assault.

Man pleads not guilty to rape and other charges

A man pleaded not guilty to rape and other charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a disabled woman riding a Metro bus.

The driver who hit and killed cyclist Alan Deane last year pleaded guilty to reckless driving

Family and friends attended the sentencing hearing for the driver who hit and killed activist and cyclist Alan Deane in a crash in Pasadena on Sept. 21, 2011.

LA ordinance would prohibit drinking alcohol in public housing common areas

Tenants in LA public housing projects would be prohibited from drinking alcohol outside their units or in the common areas of the complex.

89-year-old man assaulted in Oct. died this weekend at a hospital

An autopsy report could establish whether an 89-year old man died from injuries sustained during an assault that happened on a Metro bus in October.

Suspect in rape on Metro bus arrested

A tip led authorities straight to the house of a man suspected of raping a mentally ill woman while on a Metro bus.

New charges for man arrested at LAX with suitcase of weapons

A man arrested last month at LAX who allegedly carried a smoke grenade in his luggage pleaded not guilty to new charges that he made false statements to authorities.

'Innocence of Muslims' filmmaker sentenced to 1 year in prison

Mark Basseley Youssef, central in making controversial anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims," was sentenced to a year in prison with 4 years supervised release.