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Jacob Margolis is an Associate Producer on KPCC's "Take Two" show. Jacob joined "Brand & Martinez" in June, after working at KZSC in Santa Cruz, and at the mid-day news at KPFK. When he's not working, or trying to convince his bosses to do pieces about food, he's obsessing over food, or dressing up in scantily clad spandex and riding his bike. He's still in college at UC Santa Cruz, and plans on graduating with a BA in Politics, and a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies.

Stories by Jacob Margolis

Can a man tell when a woman is ovulating?

Ovulating dancers make the best tips. That study finding caught the eye of UCLA Communications and Psychology professor Martie Haselton.

Food pyramid becomes a food circle in makeover

The federal government rolled out a new version of its iconic food pyramid, today. The pyramid was replaced by a plate graphic (above). The plate has four colored sections representing fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. Next to the plate is a smaller circle for dairy foods. Why the makeover? Marion Nestle, professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University explains.

Radiolab finds beauty in symmetry

This video was created by the folks over at EveryNone for the NPR science show Radiolab. It was tied to their Desperately Seeking Symmetry episode. Like most of their stuff, it's wonderfully composed and fabulously edited.

Is sugar killing us?

Is sugar toxic? According to journalist Gary Taubes, yes. Madeleine spoke to him about his cover article for the New York Times Magazine. He says sugar is not just behind obesity and tooth decay, it may be the cause of cancer and heart disease.

Shepherd Firesheep away from your login info

On the show a few weeks ago we profiled the Firefox Browser extension Firesheep. It allows users to steal your unsecured Facebook login information over open Wi-fi networks. This means that if you're on an open network at a coffee shop somewhere, it's likely that you're vulnerable.

How to Torrent - Revisited

We got a lot of comments after yesterday's piece on torrenting.

The Show Starts Monday

This is a picture of Steve Proffitt interviewing UCLA students.

This Is How We Work

This is producer/freegan/hip man extraordinaire, Sanden Totten. He's doing an impromptu phone interview underneath his cubicle.

The majority of adult cell users text

Flickr: Azeurus2

Dramatic Fire Video

This video shows a "fire devil", a mini tornado made of flames. It was shot in the drought stricken Sao Paolo region of Brazil.

Hipsters in Space!

This video of hipsters in space from Current's Super News, perfectly compliments our above post about the 20-something year olds.

What is it with young people?

The New York Times Magazine published an article about the lackadaisical nature of today's 20-somethings. Turns out there's a gap between the way these young adults are living their lives and the way their parents hoped they'd lived their lives.

Twitter Movie Trailer

Above, is the trailer for the Twitter movie, which is a parody of the Facebook trailer.

Blood on the CBS Early Show

Check out this video of Harry Smith, anchor of the CBS Early Show, slicing his finger with a mandoline. (warning: it's a little gruesome). The action comes at approximately the 1:30 mark.