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James Kim is the Assistant Producer on KPCC's new arts and entertainment program, The Frame.

Prior to that, James worked a year-long internship with "Off Ramp," during which he produced a story about losing his first language that won Best Feature awards from Associated Press and the L.A. Press Club, and a story about an 84-year-old rapper that was a finalist for a National Entertainment Journalism Award, as well as from the L.A. Press Club.

James has also interned with APM's "The Dinner Party" and with Marfa (TX) Public Radio. He's also been a production assistant with KCRW's "Strangers" and has recently been a fill-in producer at "Marketplace."

James has a B.A. In Anthropology from Cal State Long Beach, where he minored in Music and Film.

Stories by James Kim

Yarn Bombing: A peaceful form of street art

A housewife by day, and a yarn bomber by night. How a Santa Monica resident turned to crocheting to get a thrill out of life.

Suicide by train: A growing trend in SoCal

Even most police officers never shoot and kill. Yet one professional can expect death on the job: train conductors.

Free outdoor Shakespeare festival comes to Griffith Park

What fool these mortals be if they skip out on The Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival! Bring friends, family, and good spirits to this summer long event.

Artists turn fan art into a premiere Los Angeles event

Dan Harmon is out. Community moves to Friday. Is this the darkest timeline for the NBC comedy? Fans come together to bring this issue to light with an art show.

Is a midnight movie premiere really worth $100?

How much would you pay for a movie ticket? The sold out IMAX midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises are sending fans to scalpers for ridiculous prices.

Lincoln Heights artist creates sculptures from a DIY foundry

Artist Gordon Bowen collected scrap metal and used appliances to start a business. He now has his own foundry where he casts his own handmade bronze sculptures.

Gallery 1988 displays its love for Steve Martin

Renaissance man and avid art collector Steve Martin will have the opportunity to buy art inspired by his work at the Gallery 1988 exhibit, "Excuuuuuse Meeeeeeee."

84-year-old rapper still got that swagger

Stanley Hoffman has been trying to break into the music industry since the 1950's. Now 84, He's reinvented himself as a rapper who goes by the name of Kwayzar.

GOOD Magazine lays off most of its editorial staff

Last January, Off-Ramp interviewed the editors at GOOD on their "Next Big Thing" issue. The magazine's next step in redesign is firing most of its editorial staff.

Rob Schmitz on the Three Chinas and American Sino-paranoia

What to make of claims that China is a threat to the US? Marketplace's Rob Schmitz, who broke the Mike Daisey story, says you can calm down. China has enough problems of its own right now.

Grace Yun: An outsider's perspective on the LA Riots

Grace Yun is a Korean American who teaches in Watts. She was only eight years old during the riots, and wanted to know more about the event when she moved to LA.

Sonny Kang reflects on his experience during the LA Riots

During April of 1992, Sonny Kang, a Korean-American from Koreatown, was in his college dorm room in San Diego when he first heard about the LA Riots.

The Autry National Center hosts a farmers market

After finishing a long hike at Griffith Park, you can head to The Autry National Center, which will host The Autry Farmers Market starting Saturday, April 28.

Album of the week: The Sound of Music Soundtrack

James Kim fills in for Peter Stenshoel with an Album of the Week: On the way to Coachella, I found one of my favorite soundtracks at a thrift store: "The Sound of Music."

Mark Twain Award Winner: Why my parents and I don't speak the same language

I lost my ability to speak Korean with my parents. I thought I could fix the problem by learning Korean, but it wasn't that simple.