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James Kim
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James Kim is the Assistant Producer on KPCC's new arts and entertainment program, The Frame.

Prior to that, James worked a year-long internship with "Off Ramp," during which he produced a story about losing his first language that won Best Feature awards from Associated Press and the L.A. Press Club, and a story about an 84-year-old rapper that was a finalist for a National Entertainment Journalism Award, as well as from the L.A. Press Club.

James has also interned with APM's "The Dinner Party" and with Marfa (TX) Public Radio. He's also been a production assistant with KCRW's "Strangers" and has recently been a fill-in producer at "Marketplace."

James has a B.A. In Anthropology from Cal State Long Beach, where he minored in Music and Film.

Stories by James Kim

Kevin Smith says 'Tusk' is the only movie he's ever made while stoned

The director says he came up with his new film while under the influence, which is why coming up with weed strains is the perfect marketing tie-in.

LA band Allah-Las discovered their sound at a record shop

Digging through stacks of vinyl is how some enthusiasts discover new music. But with L.A. garage-rockers Allah-Las, it's how the band actually formed.

'Levitated Mass': Doug Pray's doc follows the journey of LACMA's rock

The filmmaker's documentary, "Levitated Mass," follows a 340-ton boulder from Riverside to Los Angeles as the basis of Michael Heizer's monumental artwork.

Converse hosts a pop-up studio for up-and-coming LA bands

Being in a band is not cheap. The sneaker company is helping artists cut the cost with Rubber Tracks — a pop-up studio that lets bands record for free.

An only-in LA multicultural musical mashup

The Latin alternative band La Santa Cecilia blend their sound with Yuval Ron’s Israeli ensemble for a collaborative performance at the Voices of LA festival.

Trayvon Martin's death explored in a short play

Playwright Dan O'Brien and composer Quetzal Flores collaborated on a 10-minute drama with music titled "The Ballad of George Zimmerman."

'You don't understand marching band!'

On a gloomy Saturday morning, the South Hills High School Marching Band practices for the last time before Championships ... and it isn't going smoothly.

Santa takes a break from the North Pole to go fishing

Santa takes a break from the North Pole to take you and your kids fishing. While this isn't the traditional meet-and-greet, it beats waiting in line in a mall.

17-mile walk through the heart of Los Angeles

This weekend, Michael Schneider will provide the perfect remedy for locals to abandon their vehicles, avoid the traffic and experience the city on foot.

Surfridge, once LA's exclusive neighborhood, now a ghost town

Until the 1970's, there was a town – sandwiched between LAX and the ocean – called Surfridge. Now it's L.A.'s own ghost town.

Spiders roam free at Natural History Museum

What's that figure moving in the shadows? Take a closer look... they're spiders everywhere. This is not a haunted maze, but an exhibit called Spider Pavilion.

Butch Cassidy's Colt 45 could be yours ... for $200k

Butch Cassidy's prize gun, his "Amnesty" Colt 45, will be auctioned September 30th in Ventura. Claimed to be his most documented pistol, the Colt is estimated to sell for up to $200,000.

LA Foodie dives into the deep-fried LA County Fair

Given the amount of deep fried food on a stick at the LA County Fair, you need the "Eat It" or "Screw It" guide.

Vintage photo: Motorcycle cop without sidecar!

A new weapon of crime prevention! A police radio motorcycle, believed to be the first without an operator in a side-car. Look out, Culver City!

Kids bring performance art to an unlikely place: MacArthur Park

This past Sunday, kids from Hearts of Los Angeles--an after school arts program--donned paper mache masks for an afternoon performance at Levitt Pavillion.