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James Kim
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James Kim is the Assistant Producer on KPCC's new arts and entertainment program, The Frame.

Prior to that, James worked a year-long internship with "Off Ramp," during which he produced a story about losing his first language that won Best Feature awards from Associated Press and the L.A. Press Club, and a story about an 84-year-old rapper that was a finalist for a National Entertainment Journalism Award, as well as from the L.A. Press Club.

James has also interned with APM's "The Dinner Party" and with Marfa (TX) Public Radio. He's also been a production assistant with KCRW's "Strangers" and has recently been a fill-in producer at "Marketplace."

James has a B.A. In Anthropology from Cal State Long Beach, where he minored in Music and Film.

Stories by James Kim

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