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Jed Kim is an Environment Reporter for Southern California Public Radio.

Before joining KPCC, Jed was a producer at WNYC’s “The Takeaway” and an associate producer for the HBO documentary “Birders: The Central Park Effect.” His work has been featured on NPR and Marketplace.

Jed graduated from the University of Chicago in 2002, with a biology degree. After a few years of working in a laboratory, he decided that he’d be much happier as a radio reporter. He graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2008.

Stories by Jed Kim

California Drought News: Fuel for fire and other songs of the drought

Taking a break from making up drought synonyms. Instead, I offer you a little soundtrack to listen to while reading today's drought news.

California Drought News: Fires burn San Diego; Feinstein burns enviros

Friday's drought news looks at an already devastating fire season and other effects that sound almost like Biblical plagues.

10,000 gallons of oil spill on Los Angeles streets

Crews have vacuumed up most of about 10,000 gallons of crude oil that sprayed into Los Angeles streets after a high-pressure pipe burst.

California Drought News: Other states caught in drought too

Wednesday's drought news roundup has us looking outside our state and realizing that we're not the only ones hurting. Time to go "Lost" and talk about the Others.

How to stay cool in the heat wave

Looking to beat the heat? Most people think of three methods: cooling centers, swimming pools and cranking the AC. Here's a status update on all three.

The fight over the Santa Monica Mountain wine industry

No one knows exactly how many vineyards exist in the mountains. Some estimate there are about 50. About half would close under a new coastal land use plan.

California Drought News: A Song of Ice and Fire

Welcome to all of our new readers who came here expecting "Game of Thrones" spoilers. Sorry. This song of ice and fire is related to today's drought news.

Devastating sea star disease now seen in Oregon

The disease has spread along the West Coast as far north as Alaska. Oregon had been spared much of the disease until now.

California sea lion strandings likely due to lack of food

California sea lion pups are being stranded on beaches at high levels, and researchers believe a lack of food sources is contributing to the behavior.

California Drought News: Climate change and Cinco de Mayo 2015

The White House's latest climate report is not cheerful, the future of Cinco de Mayo may be more difficult to celebrate and fruit trees may face a fruitless future.

California Drought News: Forecasting a sushi drought

As snowpack counts end, we'll fret over sushi rice, and next year's salmon. That sentence is a haiku, as well as being today's drought news.

Etiwanda Fire grows to 1K acres near Rancho Cucamonga, evacs lifted

Officials at the San Bernardino National Forest say mandatory evacuations have been lifted for residents near the burn area. The fire continues to spread.

California Drought News: Toothless restrictions; reverse cow commutes

Today we look at water conservation orders lacking teeth and California cattlemen having to take their cows east. We'd also love your suggestions for new drought synonyms.

Donald Sterling: NBA hires audio forensics expert to review recording (UPDATED)

As the NBA tries to authenticate Clippers owner Donald Sterling's voice on a recording of racist remarks, it has hired New Jersey-based audio consultant Tom Owen.

What's Griffith Park telling us about drought in LA?

Looking at the city's iconic playground these days may make it seem as though there's no drought. A closer inspection, however, shows another story.