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Jed Kim is an Environment Reporter for Southern California Public Radio.

Before joining KPCC, Jed was a producer at WNYC’s “The Takeaway” and an associate producer for the HBO documentary “Birders: The Central Park Effect.” His work has been featured on NPR and Marketplace.

Jed graduated from the University of Chicago in 2002, with a biology degree. After a few years of working in a laboratory, he decided that he’d be much happier as a radio reporter. He graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2008.

Stories by Jed Kim

California universities lead the pack in sustainability

Four out of top 10 spots were taken by University of California schools. The rankings include research, waste management, energy use and transportation options.

Frank Gehry's touch felt on LA River revitalization

The mayor's office confirmed Gehry's involvement in the project on Friday. Some worry about the years of work that have already been done towards revitalization.

California bans bobcat trapping in narrow decision

Bobcats aren't endangered, and relatively few are taken each year. Still, public sentiment against the practice was strong, and that may have made all the difference.

Northern wildfires not an indication of local fire risk

Recent rains in Southern California have dampened the likelihood that a wildfire similar to the Rocky Fire will develop here.

California says water use fell by 27 percent in June

Data released Thursday by the State Water Resources Control Board shows 265 out of 411 local agencies hit or nearly reached savings targets.

Researchers get a rare glimpse into the nightlife of LA's urban coyotes

Researchers drive city streets with an antenna homing in on GPS signals of collared coyotes. The data will be use in the first-ever study of L.A.'s urban population.

Reporter's notebook: To catch a coyote in the city

Scientists have begun monitoring coyotes in Los Angeles's highly developed areas using GPS collars. But first they have to catch a coyote.

A lower water table could be harming desert ecosystems

Groundwater has been drawn upon heavily because of the drought. The Coachella Valley, which has been overdrawn for decades, could give a glimpse of the toll on deserts.

Time to replace your lawn? We have the lowdown on 8 alternatives

We've put together a series of popular landscape options, along with information on how they fare against the traditional Californian lawn in five areas.

El Niño is strengthening. Will it mean rain?

This time last year, forecasters were downgrading their predictions one would even happen. But now it's here, and looks to be getting stronger.

Officials: Some Santa Barbara seafood could be tainted by toxins

Harmful algal bloom toxins have spread down to Santa Barbara. California state health officials are warning people not to eat certain types of seafood from there.

Why there are so many more sharks these days

Heading to the beach this weekend? You stand a decent chance of spotting a great white shark. (Remain calm.)

California hits highest water conservation levels yet

Californians throttled back on water usage in May. That could be good news for hitting mandatory conservation targets, but was it just because of the cooler weather?

First Person: Tim Mann uses running to help the homeless

The program director of Back on My Feet LA says the early morning running program "is not for everybody," but it can help the homeless turn their lives around.

Manhattan Beach area tarballs linked to Santa Barbara oil spill, officials say

Officials with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife collected more than 100 samples.