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Jed Kim is an Environment Reporter for Southern California Public Radio.

Before joining KPCC, Jed was a producer at WNYC’s “The Takeaway” and an associate producer for the HBO documentary “Birders: The Central Park Effect.” His work has been featured on NPR and Marketplace.

Jed graduated from the University of Chicago in 2002, with a biology degree. After a few years of working in a laboratory, he decided that he’d be much happier as a radio reporter. He graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2008.

Stories by Jed Kim

Mayor unveils 'ambitious' plan to make LA greener

Among the plan's goals: a bike sharing program by 2017, freedom from coal power by 2025 and 275,000 new housing units by 2035. Officials say it's "achievable."

LA County gets a C+ on the environment

The county has made improvements on recycling efforts but got poor marks on conserving local plant and animal communities, according to a first-of-its-kind UCLA report.

The grunion are running! Here's where and how to see them

End Lent with an Easter egg hunt, a chocolate binge and a front seat to the biggest fish mating spectacle in Southern California.

Court rules that Navy sonar violates federal law

The Navy has stated that its use of sonar would cause negligible harm to populations of marine mammals. A U.S. District Court says there's no proof of that.

April snowpack hits new record low: 6 percent of average

The previous record-low years were in 1977 and 2014. Both years hit 25 percent of average. On March 30, 2015, automated readings showed snow at 6 percent of average.

Short staffing at LADWP blamed for slow solar rollout

Preliminary study results say a backlog of approvals has built up at the LADWP. Agency officials say they're already addressing some of the issues.

LA River plan pushed along to federal government

The price tag sits at $1.35 billion, and at the moment, it looks like Los Angeles could pay most of the bill to restore nature in 11 miles of the L.A. River.

Lawsuit demands Malibu schools remove toxin-filled caulk

A copy of the lawsuit contends the district is violating federal law by neglecting to remove caulk and building materials at two Malibu schools.

Mountain lion crosses freeway, a rare event that's good news

The crossing is an encouraging sign to biologists trying to preserve genetic diversity among a population of mountain lions splintered into small groups by manmade obstacles.

Sea lion strandings increase, but don't blame climate change

Hundreds of sea lions are washing ashore, overwhelming rescue efforts. Warm water is believed to be causing the strandings because it contains less valuable food.

Freeways, rat poison affecting bobcats' genetic diversity in LA

The study shows that development, freeways and rodenticides are all leading to a smaller gene pool for bobcats in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Exide closure: Lead, arsenic removal from plant will take years

The first phase of cleanup is the complete removal of structures from the property. That can't begin until all contamination on the site has been studied.

Game cameras give glimpse into wildlife along LA River

Four cameras were installed along a patch of the L.A. River near Atwater Village. Two remain after three weeks. The pictures they got are helping researchers understand local biodiversity.

Cougar captured in mall parking lot dies on way to release

The mountain lion was a 100-pound adult male. Outwardly, it appeared healthy. Its body is being necropsied to explain what may have caused its death.

Griffith Park: What a difference a year (and some rain) makes

Contrasting photos from March 6, 2014, and March 6, 2015, show what even below average rain can do to L.A.'s iconic park.