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Joanne Griffith is an Editor for KPCC's Take Two show.

Joanne began her career in BBC local radio in the UK, engaging communities, working with talent and re-engineering how shows and staffs worked. She went on to become a host and news anchor for Radio 5 Live, the BBC’s faster-paced and sports-loving national network. She was on the front line of the May Day riots in London, filed global dispatches on food security in Malawi and reported on the impact of slavery in Barbados, among other things.

In 2007, she moved to the U.S. as a freelance reporter for the BBC's bureau in Los Angeles. In addition to hosting a weekly history show for 5 Live, Joanne filed web, TV and radio features for outlets such as BBC World Service and Newsnight. Assignments include covering the Oscars, chasing wildfires, keeping tabs on David Beckham and pulling together a documentary on the Obama presidency.

In 2008, Joanne joined the team at NPR’s "News & Notes" as a producer and relief editor. In 2011, she began contributing to different efforts at SCPR, including producing with AirTalk and moderating panels at the Crawford Family Forum.

Joanne is the editor of a multimedia book series published by City Lights, which examines the intersections of race, politics, the arts and culture. Also, while at the BBC, Joanne was recruited to manage its largest regional diversity initiatives.

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