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John Rabe is the creator and host of Off-Ramp, KPCC's weekend news and arts magazine program, which has been named "best local public affairs show" by two national journalism associations.

Prior to his time on Off-Ramp, Rabe was KPCC's host for "All Things Considered" and the station's housing & healthcare reporter, for which he garnered many awards – including several Golden Mikes.

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in high school in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, then found his niche as reporter and anchor at WKAR, Michigan State University's public radio station, where he earned his BA in English.

Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, at WHYY in Philadelphia, and Minnesota Public Radio. He came to KPCC in 2000. Off-Ramp debuted in 2006.

He lives with his husband and Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington, north of downtown LA.

Stories by John Rabe

Gavin Newsom on Prop 8 decision: 'We did about as well as I could have hoped and expected'

"Considering the conservative and cautious nature of this court, we did about as well as I could have hoped and expected, but yeah, sure, I wish they had ajudicated on the merits." -- Gavin Newsom

Off-Ramp bacon haikus sizzle; newsletter contest winner announced.

Swag came in the mail Journalists can't keep free stuff We gave it away

Rabe's looking for your 'Casablanca' stories

I preferred 'To Have and Have Not,' which I thought was funnier, and moved faster. Now I'm older, have experienced more pain, love, and loss, I prefer Casablanca, which is miles deeper.

Hollywood Fringe Festival brings back Ivins/Pearl lovechild, 'Texas Loves Lyla!'

Just once, I'd like to meet a personality-based drag queen who, underneath the huge bouffant, the dowdy dress, and the huge boobs, has a huge bouffant, dowdy dress, and huge boobs.Not the case with Jeffrey Wylie, who plays Lyla KaRug.

Remembering Gandolfini: Rewind to Newark, 1990, and a little play at a little theatre

Gandolfini had "an incredible capacity for intensity and realness. What's what made Tony Soprano such an indelible character is that you totally believed that he was this guy, you know, that he was capable of this huge range of emotions."

Welcoming summer with this week's photo from the LA Public Library

A few words about this week's lead photo, by the famed photog, Ralph Morris.

PHOTOS: Famed TV pilot Bob Tur on becoming Zoey Tur

"I'm happy. I've not been this happy. I've had a great life. Bob Tur needs to die now. And he'll be dead within three to four months." —Bob Tur, soon to be Zoey Tur

Rabe heresy: A real martini includes vermouth

From Winston Churchill to author E.B. White, a "martini" means cold gin and nothing more. Here's why they're wrong.

Clay Russell breaks the taboo, talks about his suicide attempt

As he told Off-Ramp, "It would be perfectly normal dinner party conversation to talk about your colonoscopy, but you talk about mental illness and people get freaked out."

At last: 'MacArthur Park' song comes to LA's MacArthur Park

Jimmy Webb, the man who wrote MacArthur Park, has never sung the song in LA's MacArthur Park. This gross oversight will be remedied June 15.

How Dylan Brody and John Rabe faked it for fundraising

Turns out, that wonderful spontaneous Off-Ramp fundraising moment between John and Dylan was scripted and pre-recorded.

Cheech Marin: Yes, Chicano art is good, and the numbers are with us, but then what?

"Artifex" was a wide-ranging, eye-opening, and sometimes profane discussion on Chicano art at Koplin Del Rio Gallery, led by Cheech Marin, with Susana Smith Bautista, and artists Einar & Jamex de la Torre, Shizu Saldamando, John Valadez, and Harry Gamboa Jr..

PHOTOS: Why Alvin Kaufman built a fallout shelter in his Woodland Hills back yard

It was the 1960s, and Kaufman's job for Litton was to determine the effect of a nuclear blast on equipment. Of course this means he well knew its effect on humans, so it's no wonder he built a shelter in the backyard of his home.

PHOTOS: Frank Romero gives Off-Ramp an exclusive interview at his studio in the South of France

The Chicano icon now spends seven months of the year at his atelier near the Rhone, and admits that at New Year's he prefers champagne and oysters to menudo and beer.

Update: Beach access Malibu Beach app meets Kickstarter goal

John Rabe talks with Jenny Price, writer, activist and historian about Our Malibu Beaches--an upcoming app that puts the spotlight on LA's hidden public beaches.