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John Rabe is the creator and host of Off-Ramp, KPCC's weekend news and arts magazine program, which has twice been named "best local public affairs show."

Prior to his time on Off-Ramp, Rabe was KPCC's host for "All Things Considered" and the station's housing & healthcare reporter, but Off-Ramp lets him do what he loves best, and emulate one of his heroes, the late Huell Howser.

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, then found his niche as reporter and anchor at WKAR, Michigan State University's public radio station, where he earned his BA in English.

Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, at WHYY in Philadelphia, and Minnesota Public Radio. He came to KPCC in 2000. Off-Ramp debuted in 2006.

He lives with his art curator husband, Julian Bermudez, and Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington.

Stories by John Rabe

Off-Ramp welcomes Year of Dragon with bang!

Even if you never celebrate Lunar New Year, you should follow its traditions: forgive grudges, pay debts, clean the house & light firecrackers?

Miss Chinatown 2011: KPCC listener

A beauty and talent queen who listens to KPCC and spreads the word about the station.

Animation genius Miyazaki gets film fest

Have you ever traveled with a giant, sweaty, daikon? Or ridden a cat bus? You can see that and more this Thursday at a local film festival.

Totoro! 14-film Studio Ghibli film festival

Ever ridden an elevator with a giant, sweaty, daikon? New festival celebrates Studio Ghibli, maker of "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro."

Gil Scott-Heron responds to Gingrich moon plan

Gil Scott-Heron responds to Gingrich moon plan

What is "First Generation?"

Which immigrants are "first generation" and which are "second generation?" Did Rabe get it wrong?

Ted Soqui's post-Riots project

Ted Soqui's side-by-side photos document the aftermath of the LA Riots.

Chinese New Year starts with a bang in LA's Chinatown

Plug your ears! The Year of the Dragon starts in Chinatown with 500,000 firecrackers to scare off the spirits of the old year.

Sundance-bound director uses movie 'Dol' to come out

L.A. director Andrew Ahn might be the first filmmaker to use a movie to come out to his parents. His film played at Sundance this past weekend.

From Pann's to LAX, Chinese-American architects played a role

From Pann's to LAX, Chinese-American architects played a role. Pacific Standard Time at the Chinese American Museum celebrates Choy, Fong, Wong, and Leong.

LA director Andrew Ahn's "Dol" plays Sundance this weekend

Andrew Ahn couldn't bring himself to say "I'm gay" to his parents, so the first gen Korean-American tried to do it in a short movie.

Update: Rabe's pick for best Doritos Super Bowl ad misses finals

No buxom babes or flying infants, but Rabe stands behind his friend's Crash the Super Bowl 2012 ad entry.

Pacific Standard Time: Conceptual art at OCMA

Conceptual art is as much, or more, about the process of experiencing (making, looking at, thinking about, documenting) art as the art object itself. And SoCal, not weighed down by the strictures and structures of the art establishment, was a hotbed of conceptual art. It's the focus of the Orange County Museum of Art's Pacific Standard Time entry, State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970. Off-Ramp host John Rabe talked with artist Al Ruppersberg, a surprise guest, and OCMA's co-curator, Karen Moss. (The exhibit closes January 22d, so go see it now!)

World War One history lesson in an 18-wheeler

Out of 65-million participants in World War 1, there's one left, a 110-year old British woman who was a waitress in the Women's RAF. That means almost nobody's s left to relate firsthand the war that waged from 1914 to 1918, killed millions of soldiers, redrew the map of Europe, and contributed to the start of World War 2. A traveling exhibit might be the next best thing, and is on its way to Southern California. It's a specially outfitted 18-wheeler that's in the midst of a national tour, which locally starts at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana on January 21st before hitting 8 other cities, including Palm Springs, Long Beach, Riverside, and Pasadena. Off-Ramp host John Rabe spoke with Daralee Barbera, event organizer.

Handy Reference for Presidential Campaign

Off-Ramp offers this handy reference as the race for US President heats up. Feel free to print it up and refer to it during stump speeches, debates, media reports, Sunday morning talk shows, etc.