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John Rabe is KPCC's Production & Promotions Director, a post he assumed in July of 2017 after 35 years behind the mike. His job is to shape the sound of the station.

From 2006 to 2017, John was producer and host of Off-Ramp, twice named the nation's "best local public affairs show." Before that, Rabe was the station's housing & healthcare reporter and local host for "All Things Considered."

Rabe began his career as a commercial DJ in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but he found his niche as reporter and anchor at Michigan State University's public radio station, where he half-heartedly earned his BA in English. Rabe has also worked in public radio in South Florida, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Rabe lives with Julian Bermudez, his art curator husband, and their Irish terriers in the foothills of Mt Washington.

Stories by John Rabe

Rabe gives thanks to the LAPL

As we end 2011, I have many things to be thankful for, but the LA Public Library's online photo archive is the one I'm going to single out. It's a treasure. I know I can rely on it to flesh out any historical web articles with oftentimes little-seen photos of Southern California's rich past.

Words with Friends bugs ... Rabe

Words with Friends should be called Words with Fair Weather Friends.

Kevin Roderick on Los Encinos Park, which faces closure

The state is considering closing the small Los Encinos State Historic Park to save money.

Reconsidering 'A Christmas Carol'

You might think “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens’ fable of redemption, is just a part the holiday. But in fact, it pretty much started the whole thing.

Rethinking "A Christmas Carol"

Every year, Off-Ramp broadcasts "A Christmas Carol Redux," and every year, we get a few complaints. Some people just don't like you to poke their traditions to see what's inside. And in the case of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, there's a whole lot inside, including a reasonable charge of anti-Semitism.

Rabe is a St Marianne Cope miracle spoilsport

Ummm ... doesn't anybody out there, like an EDITOR, think this story deserves at least one "allegedly?" Even a "purportedly," or that old standby "church officials say?"

Margaret O'Brien and the SoCal Motion Picture Council

She was one of the biggest box office draws of her time, and she's devoted much of the rest of her life to charity. I've always wanted to meet Margaret O'Brien and Monday night I'll get my chance because she's a special guest at the Southern California Motion Picture Council's 75th annual holiday banquet.

Judge James Reese - 92-year old advocate for troubled kids

On Off-Ramp, we like to talk with witnesses to history, people who bring history alive, instead of leaving it on the dry pages of a book. Retired Judge James Reese is one of these voices of history. He was raised in the segregated south, served in the Army during WW2, became one of the relatively few black lawyers in LA in 1946, and was Ray Charles' legal counsel for two years before becoming LA's first black Superior Court commissioner. Later, he became a Superior Court judge. At 92, he's still hearing arbitration cases and has a new calling: a USC mentoring program for at-risk kids who can't read and write. Off-Ramp host John Rabe spoke with Judge Reese at his law office.

Dylan Thomas and Dylan Brody, or "A Child's Secular Christmas in America"

A Christmas story from Dylan Brody, the playwright, humorist, author, and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. (The story was recorded at Friday Entertainment and The Improvisation in Hollywood, and appears on Brody's CD "True Enough.")

Ted Soqui captures Time's 'Protester' image for 'Person of the Year'

The image used to represent protesters for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” is of a local woman, Sarah Mason of Highland. It was captured by freelance photographer Ted Soqui and then posterized by Shepard Fairey for the magazine cover.

"The Artist" actor Penelope Ann Miller talks with Off-Ramp

The black-and-white silent film "The Artist" earned a leading six nominations Thursday for the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards, including a nod for best musical/comedy motion picture. Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with actor Penelope Ann Miller, who plays Doris in "The Artist."

Happy 100th, Stan Kenton, musical pioneer and educator

Today would have been Stan Kenton's 100th birthday. To celebrate the musical accomplishments of this polarizing figure, Off-Ramp aired a loving appreciation from jazz historian Steven Harris.

More from the Westways time machine

I'm mining this old Westways (part one of the December 1954 edition), found at the Sunset Junction Circus of Books among a trove of ephemera, for items of interest to me, and, I hope, you.

Time machine opened for holiday shopping

Here's a page - literally - right out of history, from a cache of Westways I found at Circus of Books at Sunset Junction the other day.

A county courthouse ... in lowly Cypress Park?

(LA County's Mental Health Courthouse, 1150 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles. Credit: Jon Regardie)