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Julian Burrell is a frequent producer of content for AirTalk and Take Two. His favorite subjects to cover include politics, technology, pop culture and Los Angeles-centric human interest. Since he graduated with his degree in journalism from the University of La Verne, he has been brought up in the ways of public radio. He previously worked with Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, All Things Considered and Marketplace. In his free time, he can be found with his girlfriend at the movies or traveling around Los Angeles County on the Metrolink trains.

Stories by Julian Burrell

Surkus: The app that pays you to just show up

Surkus is one of the latest apps to support your side-hustle: just sign in, go where the app tells you to and collect your payment.

San Diego Mayor makes his case for a "new California Republican"

Kevin Faulconer is the GOP mayor of a very liberal city. He says his brand of Republicanism can lead to a "GOP with broad appeal."

Santa Margarita is on deck for Little League World Series

On Friday, Santa Margarita will play their first game in the Little League World Series against the team from Walla Walla, Washington.

'Meet a Muslim' program aims to, 'change one heart at a time'

Moina Shaiq founded the "Meet a Muslim" program. She invites anyone to ask questions about her and her faith in order to help dispel negative stereotypes.

Seal Beach's Rich Harbour on almost six decades of making surfboards

Rich Harbour is the founder of the shop Harbour Surfboards is in Seal Beach. Not only do they sell boards; they also craft them on-site.

The competition between Metrolink and Metro Rail

They've both got the same goal: get people out of cars and into trains. But as Metro Rail expands, is it over-serving some areas and under-serving others?

How to protect yourself from online and phone scams

Whether it's convincing you your loved one has been kidnapped or to hand over your Social Security number, scams come in all shapes. Here's how you can be aware.

What's going on with the 405 freeway this time?

The 405 is set for closures throughout August. KPCC's Meghan McCarty Carino explains what's happening with one of LA's most used freeways

Homeless advocacy groups set up tent city at The Grove

By 2020, homelessness will be so bad that tent encampments won't be contained to downtown; they could show up at some of major L.A. locations.

Nerdstrong Gym helps you find your inner superhero

Located in North Hollywood, this gym aims to speak to fans of all walks of pop culture to show them the value of being a nerd and being fit.

'GLOW' shines a light on the importance of women's wrestling

With GLOW now streaming on Netflix, a woman wrestling fan looks back on how her gender has been portrayed in the art form of professional wrestling.

The under-discussed dangers of Virtual Reality

VR is considered to be the next frontier of gaming and other media. But USC professor Todd Richmond believes the tech comes with risks that should be considered.

CA Assembly will vote to extend alcohol service to 4 AM

The bill to extend last call has passed its first hurdle. But why do people who enjoy California nightlife want two more hours of bar hopping?

The past, present and future of West Coast rap

Rapper Open Mike Eagle discusses what made the West Coast the epicenter of hip-hop and how that how that helped influence the sounds from the region today.

The effort to add more color to the business of architecture

Despite Southern California's diverse buildings, only a small fraction of local licensed architects are people of color. Industry professionals want to change that.