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Julian Burrell is a frequent producer of content for AirTalk and Take Two. His favorite subjects to cover include politics, technology, pop culture and Los Angeles-centric human interest. Since he graduated with his degree in journalism from the University of La Verne, he has been brought up in the ways of public radio. He previously worked with Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, All Things Considered and Marketplace. In his free time, he can be found with his girlfriend at the movies or traveling around Los Angeles County on the Metrolink trains.

Stories by Julian Burrell

'GLOW' shines a light on the importance of women's wrestling

With GLOW now streaming on Netflix, a woman wrestling fan looks back on how her gender has been portrayed in the art form of professional wrestling.

The under-discussed dangers of Virtual Reality

VR is considered to be the next frontier of gaming and other media. But USC professor Todd Richmond believes the tech comes with risks that should be considered.

CA Assembly will vote to extend alcohol service to 4 AM

The bill to extend last call has passed its first hurdle. But why do people who enjoy California nightlife want two more hours of bar hopping?

The past, present and future of West Coast rap

Rapper Open Mike Eagle discusses what made the West Coast the epicenter of hip-hop and how that how that helped influence the sounds from the region today.

The effort to add more color to the business of architecture

Despite Southern California's diverse buildings, only a small fraction of local licensed architects are people of color. Industry professionals want to change that.

How improv helps kids with autism

Partnering with The Second City, Zip Zap Zop Enrichment wants to use the spirit of improv comedy to help autistic kids learn and interact with their peers.

Syrian-American artist "skeptical" of recent U.S. actions

Omar Offendum has long been critical of the Assad government. But he's skeptical about the effectiveness of the recent U.S. missile strikes.

What California license plates say about our car culture

The latest California license plate for a cause features the famous redwood forest. It's the latest in California's long line of distinct car tags.

The end is in sight for work on the Corona 91 Freeway

In 2014, construction began on new lanes for the 91 freeway. Today they're finally open, but not after the process frustrated local commuters.

Venus and Serena Williams portray domination and inspiration

All eyes were on tennis's most famous sibling duo as they competed for the Australian Open title on Saturday... even for the next generation of talent in California.

What happens when Metro digs up a fossil?

Workers along the Metro Purple line found parts of a tusk and skull from either a mastodon or mammoth — and there are plenty of other prehistoric remnants under L.A.

Crisis counselor recalls trauma of San Bernardino attack

Angelika Robinson is used to helping first responders deal with the critical incidents. But experiencing the San Bernardino attack in person brought new challenges.

After years of rough business, Nintendo hopes for a Switch

Nintendo's previous console the Wii U had poor sale numbers. But according to one analyst, its new system may turn things around for the Japanese game developer.

Gary Phillips on comic books and the lesser seen Southland

Crime Novelist Gary Phillips resurrects the classic hero The Vigilante in modern Southern California. The six-issue mini series comes out in October.

One ex-Trump advisor didn't want to be a 'hispanic prop'

Houston attorney Jacob Monty was a part of Donald Trump's National Hispanic Advisory Council. But after the GOP candidate's speech in Arizona, he decided to resign.