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Kevin Ferguson produces and reports for KPCC's Off-Ramp.

Born in Long Beach, California, Kevin graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish. Before joining KPCC, Kevin worked for Marketplace and the District Weekly, a Long Beach magazine. He's also covered music, art and news for OC Weekly, LA Record, Arthur Magazine, and Riviera.

Stories by Kevin Ferguson

Photos: The Huell Howser collection at Chapman University

Look at some of the best of Huell Howser's mementos and souvenirs, currently on display at Chapman University's campus library. And don't forget his memorial today.

AUDIO: RIP Leon Leyson, youngest name on Schindler's list

Fullerton's Leon Leyson--the youngest survivor on Oskar Schindler's list died Saturday from Lymphoma. Listen to Leyson tell Off-Ramp's John Rabe his amazing story.

Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson on Huell Howser's passing

When Huell Howswer died this week, California lost its biggest and best booster. Kevin Ferguson—Off-Ramp's producer—talks about why he'll be missed.

Angeleno? Angelino? Angeleño? And how the heck do you say it?

In the world of broadcast journalism, pronunciation and spelling are paramount. So if you live in Los Angeles, are you an Angeleno, Angelino, or Angeleño?

How the cards work: inside Metro's TAP laboratory

Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson met with Metro's David Sutton--the head of the agency's TAP program--inside the lab where the transit pass was developed, tested, and reworked.

There's self-published authors, and then there's Andrew Dolan

In my inbox this morning was a pitch for an intriguing—if a bit dated—self-published book called Where to Find a Husband. It's a weird a premise, of course.

This post wins the Internet for this week, as far as I'm concerned

"Did the zoo's pelicans, Hidalgo Pete, Signor Gomez, and Sanchez Hoolihoo, run away? ... They did not."

Simpsons' Matt Groening on Huell Howser's retirement

Just last month, TV host Huell Howser announced his retirement. Matt Groening — the creator of the Simpsons — proudly admits he's one of Huell's biggest fans.

VIDEO: What Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan looked like in 1989

In 1989, Michael Jordan had his own TV show. In this episode, you'll learn how well MJ and can bowl, and you'll find a cameo from a pre-Lakers Phil Jackson.

Playlist: America loves dark, moody music now more than ever

This week, Scientific American reported on a study that found more and more of the music we're listening to is written in minor keys.

The sad, amazing story of the bear on CA's state flag

The story of Monarch: his life, death, and fascinating relationship with William Randolph Hearst.

Turning graffiti into commercial art in Highland Park

In neighborhoods like Echo Park, Inglewood and Eagle Rock, hand painted signs are everywhere. But who paints them, how do they get there and are they even legal?

Fighting to save Terminal Island's endangered history

Terminal Island may not be the bustling cannery it used to be in the 20th century, but its rich history may help spur new life for the historical landmark.

Get off the tour bus and use "A People's Guide to LA"

If it's about anything, Los Angeles is about friction. Creative friction, social friction, political friction in the form of riots, bombings, shootouts, protests, marches, sit in's, love-in's ... And from the friction comes the wonderful mess that is LA.

Campbell's lets you own a piece of Warhol art history, sort of

Campbell's and Target plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol's soupy Los Angeles debut with a limited run of Warhol themed soup cans.