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Kevin Ferguson produces and reports for KPCC's Off-Ramp.

Born in Long Beach, California, Kevin graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish. Before joining KPCC, Kevin worked for Marketplace and the District Weekly, a Long Beach magazine. He's also covered music, art and news for OC Weekly, LA Record, Arthur Magazine, and Riviera.

Stories by Kevin Ferguson

RIP: Byrds Manager/Producer Jim Dickson

James Thomas Buchanan Dickson (better known as just "Jim") died earlier this month, he was 80. Known as the "father of the Byrds" we can thank him not only for getting Roger Mcguinn and Gene Clark into a studio but also for producing albums by Gram Parsons' indispensible Flying Burrito Brothers.

Van Dyke Parks shares more infinite wisdom, news of upcoming single series

It's no secret that we're fans of Van Dyke Parks -- a local composer and producer responsible for amazing collaborations with the likes of Harry Nilsson, Joanna Newsom, Phil Ochs, the Beach Boys and a criminally underappreciated solo career.

Beautiful, poetic justice

Editorializing for a second here, so bear with me: In the wake of Japan's horrific, seeemingly endless nuclear tragedy, you no doubt remember reading stories about the droves of panicked Californians who--ignoring every authority on the subject--bought up all the potassium iodide they could find for fear that a massive toxic On The Beach style cloud of radiation would come and kill us all.

This bizarre string quartet is not playing "La Bamba"

...but their youtube page says they are:

Why is our co-worker so happy?

This is Sharon Mcnary, KPCC's indispensible Public Insight Specialist:

Give your life its own melodramatic soundtrack Thursday Night!

You've seen the Social Network trailer, no doubt:

What did I just find in my backyard?

I was gardening this past weekend and found this. Pretty sure it's a bone. Pretty sure it's from a steak, for that matter. But still, kind of unusual:

Is this a clip from Gov. Schwarzenegger's new cartoon?

That was fast. Just a few weeks after former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his newest project--an animated action series called "The Governator"--we see what's apparently the first trailer from the cartoon.

Long Beach honors late California State Senator Jenny Oropeza

The city of Long Beach plans to dedicate a community center in the name of the late State Senator Jenny Oropeza today. The event coincides with Cesar Chavez Day.

Good question: is Boyle Heights gentrifying?

A Roosevelt High School blogger/reporter recently lamented what they see as the imminent transformation of East LA's historic Boyle Heights neighborhood into the next Siverlosfelico Parklake:

Finding a native plant oasis at the Theodore Payne Foundation

Unless you planted and grew all of your backyard's greenery by hand, it's unlikely you know what to call that sweet, sticky fruit that falls from the tree by your fence, or if that sage-smelling bush by your door is actually safe to eat. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson didn't, either, so he took a few leaves and twigs from the new-to-him backyard and presented them to local plant expert Lili Singer. Singer works for the Theodore Payne Foundation - a nonprofit nursery devoted to cultivating and advocating for all fauna native to Southern California.

Off-Ramp's Seth MacFarlane ticket winners! Singing into spoons!

On last weekend's show, John talked with Family Guy creator and crooner Seth MacFarlane. This Saturday, Seth performs his big-band show at Club Nokia downtown.

Good question: Can apartment dwellers prepare for the Big One?

Last weekend, John Rabe and KPCC producer/disaster preparedness expert Christal Smith went to Scott Sanger's Southland home to talk about how homeowners can be better prepared for a catastrophic earthquake.

A funny thing happened while I was reading the Daily News today...

And by "a funny thing," I mean a chainsaw cut my screen in half. Here, have a look (please pardon my shaky camera hands and the background talking/sneezing):

Welcome, Spring!

Surely by now you've heard of Burning Man. But what about the much older (and more respected) burning snowman? It's a 41 year old tradition performed at Michigan's Lake Superior State University to celebrate the coming spring.