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Kevin Ferguson produces and reports for KPCC's Off-Ramp.

Born in Long Beach, California, Kevin graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish. Before joining KPCC, Kevin worked for Marketplace and the District Weekly, a Long Beach magazine. He's also covered music, art and news for OC Weekly, LA Record, Arthur Magazine, and Riviera.

Stories by Kevin Ferguson

New faces at Off-Ramp

In the coming weeks you might be seeing (and hearing) some new voices here at Off-Ramp, so I thought I'd take a moment to introduce them. Join me in welcoming newly minted interns Lainna Fader and Raghu Manavalan to the team! Raghu graduated UC Riverside and moonlights with public radio juggernauts The Moth, while Lainna (an Occidental student) comes to us from semi-regular Off-Ramp guest LA Record! Welcome, both!

Long Beach constructs first-ever separated bikeways

The city of Long Beach plans to start work today on its first separated bike pathways in the city's downtown.

Street sweeper free in Silverlake?

Eastsider LA had it first, and initially it sounds like a dream: imagine an LA free of street sweeping. No loud machines, no tickets, no need for a car-moving reminder service. The dream came true on a quiet street in Silverlake: for the last five weeks, area residents have been spared the sweeper's wrath.

A curated collection of 900 number commercials

Remember these expensive, not-at-all predatory ads? Let's take a look back now at one of the most expensive time wasters of the 80s and 90s. And kids, make sure you have your parents' permission.

Rest in peace, Charlie


Peter Stenshoel's album of the week: Tribe Ahl Sherif's Master Musicians of Jajouka

This week: a story of a record release that should have made major waves in the world music community, but didn't even get an entry in the otherwise excellent Rough Guide to World Music.

Who is George De La Vega and why is he annoying so many people? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Looks like George reads our blog! Mere hours after this went up, George's racist tweet (pictured towards the bottom of this post) disappeared. And the Twitter account where the insult originated is now reduced to just one entry.

Mt Washington prayer flag returned!!

Just an update for those of you who read about last week's sad story: one of the stolen prayer flags Mt Washington resident BJ Gallagher had put up in memory of her late, beloved cat came back! Writes Ms Gallagher:

Let's start off this week right

Apropos of nothing, a singing dog:

Prayer flags stolen from Mt. Washington front yard

Sad story on today's North East LA List. If you have any information, please leave a comment or feel free to write us. User BJ Gallagher writes:

New Broad Museum design: awesome or offal?

As you might have heard by now, design plans for Eli Broad's forthcoming downtown museum were revealed today. Here's a mockup:

Local writer walks in Padre Serra's footsteps

Veteran radio contributor and devoted re-enacter Charlie Schroeder has relived more history than you, me and anyone you know, probably. He's fought in the Civil War, dressed as a Roman Legionaire and rowed down river for four days straight in a 18th century replica boat.

Long Beach seeks volunteers to count homeless people

Long Beach is preparing to survey its homeless population. But in order to make sure everyone counts, the city will need help.

Van Dyke Parks' 50 year song cycle

Maybe you haven't heard of composer and producer Van Dyke Parks, but have heard his work. During a career that spans nearly 50 years, Parks recorded with The Byrds and The Beach Boys in the '60s ... with U2 in the '80s ... and with harpist and singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom just a few years ago.

After the rain...

...comes the Mushrooms. Says John: These sprouted up at the River Center park on San Fernando Road in Cypress Park. If you feel like you've seen this before, then you might already be a fan of Off-Ramp on Facebook.