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Kevin Ferguson produces and reports for KPCC's Off-Ramp.

Born in Long Beach, California, Kevin graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish. Before joining KPCC, Kevin worked for Marketplace and the District Weekly, a Long Beach magazine. He's also covered music, art and news for OC Weekly, LA Record, Arthur Magazine, and Riviera.

Stories by Kevin Ferguson

Isamu Noguchi: California Legend

The Laguna Art museum is currently celebrating the legendary, late artist Isamu Noguchi, who was born in Los Angeles. They're showing two exhibitions at the museum and giving a special focus to California Scenario, a garden in Costa Mesa and one of Noguchi's last public pieces. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson met with curator Grace Kook-Anderson at the site of California Scenario.

A quick summer photo to start off the weekend

This great photograph -- by the late William Reagh -- was stumbled upon by simply searching for "ice cream" on the Los Angeles Public Library's amazing photo archive. If you have a minute, look around for yourself.

Tonight: Van Dyke Parks plays live!

Composer, advocate of forgotten Americana and Pasadena resident Van Dyke Parks will be making a rare appearance tonight at the Little Temple on Santa Monica. You might know Van Dyke Parks from his acclaimed collaboration Brian Wilson on Smile, or in his work with Joanna Newsom, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, or even right here on Off-Ramp.

And now, a pizza rant

I hope you'll agree with me here:

John Turturro's 'Passione' opens in L.A.

You've seen actor John Turturro in films like "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?," "Transformers" and "Barton Fink." But did you know he's also a director? "Passione," his fourth film, is a musical exploration of the Italian city of Naples, and it opens in L.A. this weekend. He talked with Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson.

Writer, hip-hop chronicler Ben Westhoff named music editor at LA Weekly

Just this past week LA Weekly announced its newest hire: incoming music editor, Ben Westhoff. Ben is the author of several books and has written for Spin, the Village Voice and New York Magazine. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talked with Ben to better know him before he heads out West.

Answering an age old question: were those gunshots or fireworks?

Props to Eastsider LA, for endeavoring to answer a timely question I've always wondered as an LA/Long Beach resident: did I just hear gunshots or fireworks? It's a gruesome thought for most people in the middle of the night: I know that loud *BANG* I heard was probably fireworks, but what if it wasn't? Couldn't a potential gunman take advantage of that kind of doubt? What if I'm wrong, did I just waste everyone's time?

Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson picks up SoCal Journalism award

Last night's Southern California Journalism Awards was a good night for KPCC: Susan Valot took home Radio Journalist of the Year, AirTalk took home a couple awards, Brian Watt for best short feature, and the Madeleine Brand Show won first place in long feature for their heartbreaking, life-affirming and historic story about the LA River.

The Artest formerly known as Ron

If he has his way, Lakers Forward Ron Artest (who gave one of the most life-affirming post game interviews in American history, watch it if you don't believe me) won't be Ron Artest anymore.

This weekend: Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race!

Come! Celebrate the long and pleasantly egalitarian history of paddleboarding tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:15am. It's the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival: featuring both paddleboard and dory races, live music and even a pop-up paddleboard museum!

LA Times profiles Fisher House

The weekend before last, John talked with Robert Stanton, father of Jordan Stanton, a marine corporal who was killed in Afghanistan at age 20. Robert has been a strong supporter of Fisher House, an organization that provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers.

Ticketmaster Typo... or Bait and Switch?

When he isn't busy steering things at Ice Cream Man, or running an aggressive, brilliant campaign to get hired as Pabst Blue Ribbon's Social Media Manager, Long Beach's David Gooch is a Hall and Oates fan, like many of us.

Nimble Trend Shifting: yogurt place morphs into pot shop

And all it took was a click of the "backspace" key! Here:

Highland Park celebrates relighting of iconic theater sign

For more than a decade, the large sign over Highland Park’s only movie theater was hard to see at night. A ceremony recently shed light on the neighborhood’s resurgence.

Well done, Steve Lopez

Ranting here for a sec: Sometimes even great columnists make missteps, and I kind of feel Steve Lopez made a big one in today's Times. In his classic, casual and not at all callous voice, Lopez offered his take on the brewing Schwarzenegger scandal, writing: