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Kevin Ferguson produces and reports for KPCC's Off-Ramp.

Born in Long Beach, California, Kevin graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish. Before joining KPCC, Kevin worked for Marketplace and the District Weekly, a Long Beach magazine. He's also covered music, art and news for OC Weekly, LA Record, Arthur Magazine, and Riviera.

Stories by Kevin Ferguson

Seen on my morning commute

Ferguson speaking. A few days ago I was driving down Raymond on the way to the studios when, in the middle of the street (and right across from a building owned by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses) I saw this:

If you were stuck on the 405 last week..

At least know that your misery in the long term should lead to a better, safer commute. And in the short term, it lead to some breathtaking photos like this one, taken by Josh Southwick for Metro:

Taking out the trash in Los Alamitos?

Kevin Ferguson here, with some political scofflaws of the hyper-local variety. This upcoming election has proven to be pretty hotly contested in Los Alamitos, the Long Beach-adjacent OC suburb.

Dinner last night: Stanton's ParkAve

Chef David Slay browsing ParkAve's on-site garden. Image courtesy ParkAve.

Long Beach cuts library hours

Starting today, the city of Long Beach will cut hours for all of its public libraries to just five days a week.

Proposition 19 Explained

Ferguson: Kudos to Taiwan's always memorable Next Media Animation. Complete with the priceless image of a smoking bear, Denny's, and a fire-extinguisher toting Uncle Sam:

For Sale: Bertolt Brecht's Santa Monica Home

Off-Ramp collaborator Marc Haefele reports that the former home of German playwright legend--who lived in Los Angeles for a spell--is up for sale. If you're in the market for houses habited by authors of famous plays, such as the Threepenny Opera, the Santa Monica home can be yours for a mere $1.

Mayor Villaraigosa's 30/10 plan gets an ironic soundtrack

If you're unfamiliar with the Mayor and Metro's ambitious 30/10 plan, please feel free to read up. But briefly: it's a common-sense idea that would make 30 years of transit construction happen in a third of the time.

Mystery "NO PARKING" Sign Unleashes Misery on Neighborhood

Kevin Ferguson, again. For the last week in Long Beach, two large orange cones have done their very best to cramp the parking situation in my neighborhood. Here, have a look:

Tomorrow night: John Cale's Paris 1919 + Special Guests!

Kevin Ferguson reporting. We talked to him this past weekend, and tomorrow night you can see him live. John Cale (Velvet Underground co-founder, Squeeze/Stooges/Patti Smith producer and criminally underappreciated solo artist) is performing at Royce Hall tomorrow night.

Yeah, it is that hot.

Kevin Ferguson here. It's 107 degrees in Irvine right now. Record label head, show promoter, and community sustainer Sam Farzin lives there and put the "so hot you can fry an egg" cliche to the test.

Gold Vs Bayless: The Final Chapter?

Kevin Ferguson here. You might remember our segment from a couple weeks back on this: an undeniably LA food fight started when the OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano reported on comments made by Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold.

On Corn, and Sugar

Kevin Ferguson here. Hope it's alright if we talk national issues for a minute. You know about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), right? Don't like it too much? Me neither. Yesterday, the LA Times talked about a new semantics debate:

Last Friday at the Egyptian

Happy Monday, all. Kevin Ferguson here. Hope your weekend went well, or at least better than this moviegoer's:

LA Times Ad Goof, or Surreal Wordplay?

Kevin Ferguson here. Noticed an embarassing typo that's been circulating around the LA Times website: it's a banner ad (starring Jimmy Smits) linking readers to an advertorial report called "Beyond the Borders.