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Kitty Felde is KPCC's Washington, D.C. Correspondent.

Before moving to the nation's capital, Kitty hosted KPCC's "Talk of the City" from 1997-2006.

In addition to her work in Los Angeles, Felde has reported from Africa and The Hague on AIDS and the war crimes tribunals for Rwanda and Bosnia.

When Felde puts down her microphone, she puts on her pointed shoes in ballet class. She's also an award-winning playwright. Her work has been produced at the National Theater in Washington, D.C., and at various theaters in New York and Los Angeles. If you look very closely in Woody Allen's "Radio Days," you'll spot her playing the role of Mrs. Riley.

Stories by Kitty Felde

Banks invested millions in Congress to reverse trading rule

Analysis by watchdog group MapLight found that the 4 biggest banks spent $30 million lobbying Congress since 2013. 9 California members got 5-figure donations.

What surprises are in Congress's compromise spending bill?

Late last night, the Senate voted to fund the government for another year. Lightbulbs and pot? You never know what you'll find inside the 1,600-page appropriations bill.

House Ethics Committee dings Judy Chu for improper staff use

El Monte Democrat Judy Chu is publicly reproved for using staffers for campaign work and then interfering with a House Ethics investigation.

Loretta Sanchez goes to bat with her latest holiday card

Linda Sanchez is the baseball star on Capitol Hill, but sister Loretta's holiday card makes her a hit at Angels Stadium.

GOP congressmen flex muscles with new water bill

After closed-door talks break down, GOP congressmen seek more water for Central Valley farmers. California's Democratic senators may no longer be able to block.

Ed Roybal receives nation's highest civilian honor

President Obama calls the late LA lawmaker Ed Roybal a hero for all Americans, awards him the Medal of Freedom.

Immigration policy provides discretion for border agents

The President's immigration policy not only prioritizes deportations - felons, not families - it also gives border agents discretion in the field.

Immigration reform: What Obama's executive action means for California

In California, where 83 percent of unauthorized immigrants are estimated to have lived in the U.S. for five years or more, the effects could be staggering.

Secret California water deal left high and dry

Secret negotiations and $600,000 in lobbying couldn't secure a Congressional water deal...yet.

Valadao frustrated about immigration showdown

Republicans are threatening to defund whatever immigration reforms the President proposes. One California GOP congressman who supports reform is frustrated.

Californian's congressmen seek leadership jobs

It's election week on Capitol Hill as lawmakers vie for leadership roles in Congress. Several Californians are set to move up the ranks.

Brownley declares victory in Ventura Congressional District

Republicans initially appeared victorious in four California Congressional races. But as more ballots were counted Democrats pulled ahead in two of them.

Calif. Democrats come to grips with new GOP majority

The Republican majority takes over in January; California Democrats — including Senators Feinstein and Boxer — challenge the GOP to govern.

Brownley widens her lead in Ventura Congressional race

Freshman Democrat Julia Brownley is ahead by just 1,023 votes in the 26th Congressional District, with more than 40,000 ballots still uncounted.

Are California election reforms a success?

Californians are sending another new crop of freshmen to Washington. Are the citizen-drawn districts to blame?