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Kitty Felde is KPCC's Washington, D.C. Correspondent.

Before moving to the nation's capital, Kitty hosted KPCC's "Talk of the City" from 1997-2006.

In addition to her work in Los Angeles, Felde has reported from Africa and The Hague on AIDS and the war crimes tribunals for Rwanda and Bosnia.

When Felde puts down her microphone, she puts on her pointed shoes in ballet class. She's also an award-winning playwright. Her work has been produced at the National Theater in Washington, D.C., and at various theaters in New York and Los Angeles. If you look very closely in Woody Allen's "Radio Days," you'll spot her playing the role of Mrs. Riley.

Stories by Kitty Felde

Congress may require radio to pay musicians royalties

Congress is considering legislation to require radio stations to pay musicians when they play their songs. Among those testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee were two top music stars. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports there wasn’t any singing, but there were plenty of sour notes for the radio industry.

Senate inclined to impose radio royalties for singers

Radio broadcasters didn’t get much love on Capitol Hill Tuesday. The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would require stations to pay musicians whose songs they play. Satellite and Internet radio already pays royalties to performers. So-called “free” radio stations don’t. The National Association of Broadcasters told the Senate Judiciary Committee that performers get something out of the deal: air time to promote their records and concerts.

Page Plague

Ran into a trio of Senate pages at the subway from the Capitol to the Senate office buildings. All three used the handy anti-bacterial dispenser. These free standing machines have popped up near elevators and cafeterias all over Capitol Hill.

Talking points on health care

This summer, the health care debate is coming to a town hall near you. The House of Representatives has adjourned for the summer, but members have been sent home to their districts with a mandate to carry on the discussion with local constituents. Lawmakers are armed with info – including a handy red, white and blue plastic "cheat sheet." KPCC's Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.

Summer break for Congressional crowd

The Capitol building in Washington, DC is empty today. But last Friday afternoon, it looked like rush hour on the driveway outside. Cars were double-parked, waiting for House members to get out of the building and get home for the August recess. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde stepped back as the Congressional crowd headed for the exits.

What next on health care bill?

While most House members left town Friday afternoon, those on the Energy and Commerce Committee worked late, trying to finish work on a health care bill. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde asked Nancy Pelosi’s right hand man “what’s next?”

Cash For Clunkers

It was the last day of work for the House of Representatives before the summer recess. But before they left town, members came up with more money for the very popular “Cash for Clunkers” program. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.

California Congressman complains about climate change bill

While most of Congress is talking about health care, a California Congressman joined his Republican colleagues to complain about the climate change bill. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.

Congressman protests 'major humanitarian crisis'

Iraqi attacks on an Iranian opposition group operating near Baghdad have a powerful member of Congress up in arms. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.

Cover Your Mouth

It wasn't the most assuring of hearings.

LA theater company tours country telling veterans' stories

When veterans come home from Iran or Afghanistan, the adjustment to civilian life can be difficult. A Los Angeles theater company is touring the country to tell the stories of returning vets to an unusual audience: the directors of human resources. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde caught up with a performance at the DC VA Hospital.

House holds flu hearing with top California health official

Congress is worried about a swine flu outbreak among Senate pages. Five are showing flu-like symptoms that could be the H1N1 virus. But California’s top public health official told a House hearing today he’s concerned about potential flu victims in the Golden State. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.

Capitol Hill lawmakers get update on swine flu

One day after Senate pages were quarantined with flu-like symptoms, members of the House Homeland Security Committee got an update on the federal response to the H1N1 virus – better known as "swine flu."

Senate pages may have swine flu

This afternoon, the House of Representatives gets an update on the spread of H1N1 or “swine flu.” But over on the Senate side, the news is a little closer to home. Nearly half a dozen Senate pages have been quarantined. It’s suspected they have the virus. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.

Senate Judiciary Committee approves Sotomayor nomination

Every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, plus one Republican, today approved Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. But knowing the outcome ahead of time didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of one Californian in the audience. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde reports.