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Kitty Felde is KPCC's Washington, D.C. Correspondent.

Before moving to the nation's capital, Kitty hosted KPCC's "Talk of the City" from 1997-2006.

In addition to her work in Los Angeles, Felde has reported from Africa and The Hague on AIDS and the war crimes tribunals for Rwanda and Bosnia.

When Felde puts down her microphone, she puts on her pointed shoes in ballet class. She's also an award-winning playwright. Her work has been produced at the National Theater in Washington, D.C., and at various theaters in New York and Los Angeles. If you look very closely in Woody Allen's "Radio Days," you'll spot her playing the role of Mrs. Riley.

Stories by Kitty Felde

Firsthand tales from New Zealand earthquake

As a fellow Californian, have you been paying as close attention to the latest quake news from New Zealand as I have?

Famous guns of Hollywood spotlighted at NRA museum

The Coen Brothers' “True Grit" is up for the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday. It's the only one of the 10 nominees that’s a real “shoot ‘em up” flick. At The National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va., you can see a vast collection of famous Hollywood guns, including the Winchester used in the 1969 "True Grit" movie.

Database to ID undocumented felons being used statewide

An electronic database is making it easier for law enforcement agencies to identify illegal immigrants locked up for crimes in California. Federal immigration officials have linked their fingerprint files to police and sheriffs' departments in all the state’s 58 counties.

Jane Harman MIA

Congress has been pretty busy the past few weeks. Last week alone, more than a hundred votes were cast on budget-related issues. The "Washington Post" has been counting noses. And several folks have been missing in action.

Moments till liftoff of Space Shuttle Discovery

It's the last mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery. I had the good fortune to be in Florida earlier this month and got to see the spacecraft in person!

Looking at the Defense of Marriage Act

What does it mean when the country’s top lawyer refuses to defend the constitutionality of a Congressional law? Here's a closer look at the Attorney General’s decision to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

Capitol Hill reacts to decision not to defend Defense of Marriage Act

The federal Justice Department says it’ll stop defending a 15-year-old federal law that defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman. Capitol Hill is already reacting.

Senators Boxer and Feinstein accuse GOP of politically motivated budget cuts

The Republican-led House of Representatives passed its federal government spending plan for the rest of the fiscal year this past Saturday — and California’s two senators don’t like it. Now it’s the Senate’s turn to work up a budget proposal.

Griping about Jane Harman

Jane Harman is leaving Congress in a few days. She's becoming head of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

John Adams and the pirates

You’ve heard time and again that the US won’t negotiate with terrorists, and a pair of future presidents tested that policy more than two centuries ago.

Congressman John Campbell says budget cuts don't go far enough

Not one Democrat voted for the $61 billion in cuts to this year’s federal budget on Saturday. Three Republicans also voted no. One of them is a former car dealer from Orange County.

George Washington's real estate bubble

Real estate bubbles always do what bubbles do: they burst. We know that in Southern California. And a group of speculators also found that out back in George Washington’s day.

Getting to know George Washington

If you want to know what George Washington and John Adams were really like, ask someone who knew them.

My favorite email subject heading of the week: "Colin Firth and..."

I'm a sucker for Mr. Firth. So I opened it.

Democracy or chaos? The House floor debate

It has been a wild week in the House of Representatives.