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Kristen Lepore is KPCC's Elections Project Manager.

Kristen serves as the liaison in a new collaboration with KPCC in L.A., KQED in San Francisco, KPBS in San Diego and Capital Public Radio in Sacramento. She helps coordinate elections coverage across stations on all platforms including social media, radio and live events. In this new role, she's excited to engage new communities and find out what's driving them to (and away from) the polls.

Prior to this gig, Kristen served as KPCC's Associate Editor of Digital News Engagement. She oversaw the station's social media strategy for breaking news and editorial projects including coverage on the California drought, affordable housing and elections.

Kristen studied at the Imperial College London and has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. One her first jobs included reporting on entertainment news for Chicago's free daily newspaper, RedEye.

Send Kristen a tweet @kristenlepore to talk voter engagement, the Windy City or tips on brewing kombucha.

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