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Kristen Lepore is KPCC's Digital Producer, Social Media.

Before joining KPCC, Kristen worked as a freelance reporter covering both local and global topics for the L.A. Times Community News and elsewhere. In 2012, she traveled to Northern Peru to cover sustainable health care for trade publications.

A Chicago native, Kristen spearheaded a social media department at a boutique PR firm in the Midwest before moving to L.A. in 2011 and working as a digital editor for the AOL start-up, South Pasadena Patch.

Kristen studied at the Imperial College London and has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. Some of her first jobs included covering entertainment news for the Chicago's free daily newspaper, RedEye, and reporting local news for GateHouse Media.

Among other things, Kristen curates KPCC's weekend events roundup and is always eager to learn about new things to do around Southern California. Don't hesitate to drop her a line via email or Twitter with suggestions.

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