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Lauren Osen is the Senior Producer for AirTalk, KPCC's daily talk show. Osen started at the station as an intern on Patt Morrison’s program, and worked her way up to become a reporter and producer for all of KPCC’s programs, including The Patt Morrison Show, AirTalk, Take Two and Off-Ramp.

Osen got her start in radio reporting and producing for the University of Oslo’s international students’ radio show, "Snakker Ikke Norsk (I Don’t Speak Norwegian)." She is also the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, which she used to research Norway’s unprecedented gender quotas in the private business sector.

Prior to that, she interned at NPR’s Chicago affiliate, WBEZ, while completing her bachelors' degree in History at the University of Chicago.

Her work has appeared in live broadcasts from the 2012 national political conventions, reported pieces on Chinese tourists in L.A. and policing policies on Skid Row, and some legendary pumpkin bread. When not at work, she is an avid cook and baker.

Stories by Lauren Osen

Feds shut down bus company in deadly Yucaipa crash

Federal officials order the shutdown of the National City company that owns the bus involved in last weekend's Yucaipa crash that killed eight people and injured 20.

Tour bus safety records: check before you ride

The fatal bus crash in Yucaipa may make long distance bus riders nervous about the safety of their company. Here's how to check safety records.

UPDATE: Feds inspecting tour bus in crash east of Los Angeles

The bus involved in Sunday's fatal crash in Yucaipa was cited four times – including twice for faulty brakes. It's hard for riders to find that information from the NTSB, which is now investigating.

San Bernardino manager quits bankrupt city

After just 8 months on the job, San Bernardino’s acting city manager is leaving. The Finance Director is rumored to be right behind her. They are two big blows to a city limping through bankruptcy court.

When do kids know right from wrong?

Developments in neuroscience have led the Supreme Court to reconsider minors' culpability, but that science isn't finding its way into juvenile courts.

When do kids know right from wrong?

Developments in neuroscience have led the Supreme Court to reconsider minors' culpability, but that science isn't finding its way into juvenile courts.

Judge: Riverside County boy murdered Neo-Nazi father

Prosecutors argued the boy knew what he was doing when he shot 32-year-old Jeff Hall, a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement and the boy's father.

Mandarin speakers in demand as Chinese tourism grows (Photos)

Since the Chinese government deemed the US an "approved destination" in 2008, tourism from China has risen. It is now the top source of international tourism for LA, leading to a demand for Mandarin speakers.

Judge to decide fate of 12-year-old next week

Prosecution argues 12-year-old should be locked away for his crimes; defense says he was the product of an abusive household

Does a 10-year-old know it's wrong to kill?

Defense attorneys say a boy on trial for killing his neo-Nazi father didn't understand what he was doing; the prosecution says his violent past shows otherwise.

Grand Central Market due for a grand upgrade in 2013

After 95 years in business, Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles is about to get a facelift aimed at transforming it into a more attractive tourist spot.

9 protesters arrested outside Walmart in Paramount on 'Black Friday' [UPDATE]

"I’m a little scared if I go in and they tell me that I’m fired, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take for what’s right,” Richard Reynoso, who works at the Duarte store, said.

Terrified KPCC producer mistaken for RNC heckler

What happens when you accidentally sit next to a heckler at the RNC? AirTalk producer Lauren Osen fills us in on the experience of being confused with a protester.

Altadena goes back to basics, opens doors for foodcrafters

On the old Zane Grey estate in Altadena, in an old outbuilding they’ve turned into a kitchen, canning jars line the shelves, homemade cheeses ferment in a glass fridge. There’s a 6-week-old goat named Poppyseed who roams freely. This is the Institute of Domestic Technology.

Absentee voting difficult for many Mexican citizens abroad

This summer, Mexicans are heading to the polls to elect a new president, but many potential absentee voters living here won’t be voting in the election. KPCC’s Lauren Osen reports on the difficulties facing Mexican voters abroad.