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Leo Duran is a producer and reporter for KPCC’s Take Two. Leo works to find regular people with extraordinary takes on the day’s news.

Leo came to KPCC in October 2012 from the nationally-syndicated program "The Takeaway," where he performed nearly every single job since its launch except host. Leo helped to develop the show’s fast-paced conversational style and the innovative use of listener-interaction — while not getting a lot of sleep.

Leo got his start in public media as a listener to Wisconsin Public Radio, eventually leading its morning drive-time program, "The Joy Cardin Show."

He’s a University of Wisconsin graduate, an avid biker and baker, and plans to avoid buying a car for as long as he can in L.A.

Stories by Leo Duran

Why some environmental disasters get more attention than others

Watts and Vernon have coped for years with lead that's tainted the ground surrounding their homes. Meanwhile, Porter Ranch has gotten most of the spotlight, lately.

The Great Race: The cyclist won; here's why

Cyclist Jacob Margolis narrowly beat out car driver Sue Carpenter by 5 minutes.

KPCC races from DTLA to Santa Monica: Why #TeamPublicTransport lost

It would take some major parking snarls in Santa Monica to slow down Sue Carpenter in her car. I also underestimated Jacob Margolis's powerful, powerful bike legs.

How Metro uses simple psychology to increase ridership

LA Metro believes some people are turned off by mass transit for reasons other than time. It has a plan to encourage more people to "go Metro" even before they board.

Only in SoCal can you take the train with the sunset...and a song

Anthony Bryant runs the café car on Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner route. He's also the only employee in the country who uses the loudspeaker to sing to the entire train.

Cell service coming to the LA Metro, Wi-Fi headed to some buses

Your phone will get reception in the downtown L.A. subway stops by the end of March. And certain LADOT buses will have free Wi-Fi by the end of 2016.

The Styled Side: the rise of fancy boutique sweets

There's more to chocolate than just eating: LA chocolatiers are creating artisanal bars covered in fashionable wrappings that are Instagram-worthy.

Ever eat an 'antique' banana?

At the Santa Monica farmers market is your first chance in years to buy local and "antique" bananas.

The Styled Side: How to dress for El Niño

SoCal style isn't really built for rainy weather – sundresses and hoodies, sneakers and sandals tend not to hold up well in storms. We've got some advice.

The winners and losers of LA's 2015 housing market

If you're a renter, it's been really tough out there for you. If you're someone looking to sell your home, then things were looking pretty good.

FDA ends ban on blood donations from gay/bi men

Men may donate blood under the new guidelines, but only if they have not had sex with another man in the preceding 12 months. But LGBT activists still aren't happy.

Does your workplace have an active shooter emergency plan?

Twice as many active shooter incidents took place at a business or government site compared to a school.

#WorldAIDSDay: how to change the way you talk about HIV/AIDS

'HIV stage 3,' not AIDS. 'Safer sex,' instead of safe sex.

$100M to spend on LA's homeless, but how to do it?

Is spending the money on shelters or permanent housing the most cost-effective solution?

Officer Involved: police relations differ in 2 neighborhoods

Some people act the way they do around the police because of past experience. In Beverly Grove, people shared positive feelings. In Watts, it's a different story.