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Leslie Berestein-Rojas
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Leslie Berestein Rojas is KPCC's Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter.

An award-winning journalist with several years’ experience reporting on immigration issues, Berestein Rojas most recently covered immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border for the San Diego Union-Tribune. She has retraced the steps of migrants along desert smuggling trails, investigated immigrant detention contractors, and told the stories of families left behind in Mexico’s migrant-sending towns.

A native of Cuba raised in Los Angeles, Leslie has also written for Time, People, the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. She has reported from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Stories by Leslie Berestein Rojas

In immigration news: Latino labor force now majority native-born, inside border detention centers, Texas security 'surge,' more

According to a new report, foreign-born immigrants no longer make up the majority of the US Latino labor force. This and more.

In immigration news: Asian Americans in the US heartland, crossing the border at age 13, Michelle Obama's immigration pitch, more

Immigrants from Vietnam and other Asian countries are making their mark in non-traditional receiving states like Nebraska. This and more.

In immigration news: Biden going to Central America, New York 'state citizens' bill, Korean American soccer fans, more

Vice President Joe Biden plans to travel to Guatemala later this week in hopes of helping counter the rising number of unaccompanied minors arriving from Central America. This and more.

Advocates charge Border Patrol with abusing 'unaccompanied minors'

The Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project has joined a complaint accusing U.S. Customs and Border Protection for abusing migrant children who've crossed illegally into the U.S.

In immigration news: Eric Cantor's defeat, the child migrant dilemma, Border Patrol use of force, more

The surprise primary election defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by a Tea Party candidate is being interpreted by many as the end of immigration reform hopes for the near future. This and more.

Report: Where unaccompanied minors are coming from, illustrated

Three out of four unaccompanied migrant kids apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border this year are from Central America.

In immigration news: Reform opinion poll, more shelters for child migrants, big business pushes for immigration action, more

A new poll finds 62 percent of respondents still favoring a path to US citizenship for people in the country illegally, vs. 63 percent a year ago. This and more.

In immigration news: Reform and the primaries, the unaccompanied minors crisis, Supreme Court rules on 'aging out,' more

Federal authorities continue to struggle with how to care for the growing number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border. This and more.

In immigration news: Women and child migrants, kids in emergency shelters, where tech talent comes from, more

Federal authorities are struggling to cope with the volume as more women and children from Central America arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border. This and more.

In immigration news: Immigrant driver's licenses, emergency shelter for child migrants, DACA renewals, more

The federal government's insistence that California driver's licenses for unauthorized immigrants look different from standard ones has critics worried about immigrants being singled out. This and more.

Renewal process for deferred action begins

The first DACA approvals from two years ago are set to expire in September.

Emergency shelter for unaccompanied migrant kids opening in Ventura County

Located on a military base, the shelter will temporarily house about 600 minors caught entering at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In immigration news: CA county votes to fund immigrant health care, migrants released at bus stations, unaccompanied minors, more

Voters in Alameda County have approved a measure that's expected to raise money for health clinics to treat patients who are in the US illegally. This and more.

Scholarships go to deferred action recipients

Scholarships earmarked for recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals help immigrant teens pay for college.

In immigration news: Military Dreamers, deportation holds, border use-of-force, more

The White House is reportedly holding off on a Pentagon plan that would allow certain young unauthorized immigrants who grew up in the United States to enlist in the military. This and more.