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Leslie Berestein Rojas is KPCC's Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter.

An award-winning journalist with several years’ experience reporting on immigration issues, Berestein Rojas most recently covered immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border for the San Diego Union-Tribune. She has retraced the steps of migrants along desert smuggling trails, investigated immigrant detention contractors, and told the stories of families left behind in Mexico’s migrant-sending towns.

A native of Cuba raised in Los Angeles, Leslie has also written for Time, People, the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. She has reported from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Stories by Leslie Berestein Rojas

In the news this morning: Ex-president Bush urges immigration reform, border searches challenged, solving the 'demographics problem,' more

George W. Bush urges 'benevolent' immigration reform debate - The Hill During a speech in Dallas, the Republican former U.S. president urged comprehensive immigration reform, saying there should be 'a benevolent spirit' to the debate.

California's 'anti-Arizona' TRUST Act is back for another round

Two months after California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have limited state and local cops' cooperation with immigration agents, an Assembly member is introducing a reworked version.

In the news this morning: Youth immigrant activists expand goals, evangelicals and immigration reform, deferred action, more

Young immigrant activists cast a wider net - New York Times Meeting in Kansas City, hundreds of leaders of United We Dream, the nation's largest youth immigrant activist network, has voted "to expand beyond their past demands for citizenship for young people, and to mobilize in support of a bill to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Deferred action applications have slowed since September. Why?

Since an initial peak in September, incoming applications for temporary legal status have slowed, and there are several theories as to why.

In the news this morning: Immigrant moms lead decline in US birthrate, STEM-related immigration bill up for vote, more

A slowdown in births to immigrant moms leads record decline in US birthrate - Southern California Public Radio Between 2007 and 2010, the birth rate for U.S.-born women decreased six percent, while the birth rate for foreign-born women plunged 14 percent.

A slowdown in births to immigrant moms leads record decline in US birthrate

Birth rates slow among immigrants to this country - it's part of a general decline in the American birth rate.

In the news this morning: Brewer sued over DACA driver's license policy, Democrats talk immigration reform, how Asian Americans voted in California, more

Jan Brewer sued over license policy for immigrants - Associated Press A coalition of civil and immigrant rights groups has filed a lawsuit that challenges Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s order barring young people who receive temporary legal status under the deferred action program from obtaining driver's licenses.

CA Asian-American voters heavily backed Obama, Prop 30

Asian-American voters overwhelmingly voted to reelect President Obama, and a new statewide poll bears these numbers out in California.

In the news this morning: Deferred action applications slow, GOP immigration bills, broader reform plans in discussion, more

Among young immigrants, applications for deportation relief have slowed - Washington Post Numbers released in mid-November by the federal government show that the number of incoming applications for deferred action, which offers temporary legal status to some young immigrants, have dropped off.

Republicans introduce 'Achieve Act,' but no comprehensive plan

Republicans introduce the ACHIEVE Act, which would allow young undocumented immigrants a way to stay in the country, but it contains no clear path to citizenship.

Should 'undocumented immigrants' be named TIME's Person of the Year? (poll)

After a landmark immigration policy decision and an election in which candidates' positions on immigration played a part, undocumented immigrants are up for consideration as TIME's possible 2012 "Person of the Year."

In the news this morning: Obama to meet with Mexico's incoming president, Georgia may appeal on immigration law, more

Obama to talk immigration with Mexico's new leader - USA Today President Obama will be meeting today to discuss border policy with Mexico's president-elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, who is set to visit the White House.

After post-election talk of immigration reform, the inevitable reality check

It was bound to happen: A reality check on the high hopes for immigration reform that followed President Obama's reelection.

People of color made up 42 percent of young voters in 2012

A new report crystallizes the changing racial and ethnic voter dynamics seen at the polls earlier this month.

In the news: GOP's Immigration reform plans, SB1070 hits Asians, more

In the news this morning: No guarantee of immigration reform, a limited GOP bill, an Asian American plaintiff in anti-SB 1070 lawsuit, and more...