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Leslie Berestein Rojas is KPCC's Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter.

An award-winning journalist with several years’ experience reporting on immigration issues, Berestein Rojas most recently covered immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border for the San Diego Union-Tribune. She has retraced the steps of migrants along desert smuggling trails, investigated immigrant detention contractors, and told the stories of families left behind in Mexico’s migrant-sending towns.

A native of Cuba raised in Los Angeles, Leslie has also written for Time, People, the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. She has reported from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Stories by Leslie Berestein Rojas

In the news this morning: International student among two killed near USC, missing migrants, how to adjust immigration status, more

Two USC students shot to death near campus - Southern California Public Radio One of the two University of Southern California students shot to death in an apparent carjacking attempt near campus late last night has been identified as an international student from China.

What is the legacy of the 1992 L.A. riots?

This April 29 marks the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which began after a jury acquitted four L.A. police officers accused of beating Rodney King, a black motorist who was pulled over after a pursuit.

American snapshot: Opening Day

Yeah, that's right.

Ethnic stereotypes and the Oikos shooting: A candid online panel discussion

In the week since a former student opened fire at Oikos University, a small Christian vocational college in Oakland, the seven people who died have been mourned in at least half a dozen countries, including here, where they made their home.

Would Ozzie Guillen's Castro comments be taken differently in another city?

Perhaps this one can be filed under yes, it's true, Latinos are not all alike: The Venezuelan-born manager of the Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen, was suspended for five games after making positive comments about Cuban socialist leader Fidel Castro in a recent interview with Time magazine.

In the news this morning: India challenges U.S. immigration rules, Alabama law under review, immigration and wrestling, more

Immigration chief outlines his priorities - Atlanta Journal-Contitution In an interview, director of U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services Alejandro Mayorkas talks about processing times for immigrants and defends E-Verify as "extremely accurate.

Asian ethnic stereotypes and the Oikos shooting

In the week since a former student opened fire at Oikos University, the seven people who died have been mourned in at least half a dozen countries.

What's in a label? Hispanic, Latino, or...

What do the people referred to on census forms as "Hispanic, Latino or of Spanish Origin," and as alternately "Hispanic" or "Latino" by media and the political establishment, choose to call themselves? What's in an ethnic label, and how much does the label matter?

Latinos and race: How racial identity varies by generation

Today on KPCC's Patt Morrison Show, I'll be among the guests talking about the nuances of the pan-ethnic labels attached to people of Latin American origin in the United States, people like yours truly who are asked to identify on census forms as "Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish Origin.

What does a decline in illegal immigration from Mexico bode for the U.S. economy?

As migration from Mexico to the United States slows to a relative trickle, what next? A weekend story in the Christian Science Monitor reported in Mexico explored the micro effect of what some researchers are describing as a return to the days of "net zero" illegal immigration from Mexico.

In the news this morning: 'Net zero' illegal immigration from Mexico, Rubio on GOP alternative to Dream Act, more

Home again in Mexico: Illegal immigration hits net zero - Christian Science Monitor According to a new study based on Mexican census data, a million Mexicans said they returned from the U.

How to win an Armenian-style Easter egg fight

The morning egg hunts have ended and it's time for those celebrating Easter today to dig into their feasts. And in some L.A. households, time to do do a little old-fashioned egg fighting.

Posts of the week: Multiple 'Dream Acts,' terms of assimilation, deported parents, long visa waits, bucking the Latino/Hispanic label, more

Language, legislation, long visa waits. Lots of Ls this week, along with some alternately interesting and difficult discussions about everything from ethnic labels to hate crimes.

Report: 'ICE did not clearly communicate...the intent of Secure Communities'

Immigration officials may not have intentionally misled lawmakers or the public about the controversial Secure Communities immigration enforcement program, but their communication strategy was a mess, according to an investigation by Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General.

More on the languages we don't speak - but are presumed to

A couple of posts this week have explored the awkward moments when people are presumed to speak (or not speak) a certain language because of how they look, whether they be children of immigrants who don't speak their parents' native tongue, light-skinned Latinos mistaken for non-Latino whites, Filipinos mistaken for Latinos or any other linguistic mistaken-identity case.