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Lisa Brenner Katz is a Mobile Content Producer at KPCC.

Lisa joined KPCC in December 2011. Prior to that she led content direction as co-editor of LAist, where she had been the music editor years earlier.

Lisa has written and produced arts, culture and news content for a number of print and online publications, including MTV, Glamour and, where she previously served as Music Editor and Managing Editor of the entertainment and lifestyle website.

She worked on the 20th Century Fox studio lot in creative licensing for Fox Music publishing, where she co-created the department's first online store and mined the musical catalogue of film scores, TV themes and soundtrack assets for promotional samplers, boxed sets and placement packages. Prior to Fox, she coordinated large-scale film, commercial and music video productions.

Lisa earned a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in Media Studies with an emphasis in film and television. Her dad says she majored in watching TV. He's not wrong.

Stories by Lisa Brenner Katz

Charges may be filed in death of 10-year-old Joanna Ramos

The death of 10-year-old Joanna Ramos is being reviewed by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Ramos died in February of head trauma injuries following a fight after school.

The Sweet Hurt does dulcet inside a 'Desert Nights' diorama

A flugelhorn, a banjo and an upright bass walk into a bar... An exercise in texture perception, the cactus lounge at The Standard proved pleasing for the band's compound sound.

Wave hello to the giant surf and prepare for the weekend weather to blow

The weather will get windy this weekend, say forecasters, as dangerously high gusts and significant ground swells prepare to pound a number of Southland regions.

Durkee pleads guilty to looting California political accounts

Former California campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee has pleaded guilty to looting $7 million from Democratic candidates and political committee accounts.

Appeal filed against permits in Chinatown Wal-Mart fiasco

A community group has filed an appeal to try and prevent the construction of a 33,000-square-foot Wal-Mart in Chinatown.

California bought the most iPads, a snapshot of data suggests

Less of a study and more of a snapshot, the data points to a possible trend in product distribution.

The curious case of the movie poster thief, coming soon to a courtroom near you

Accused! LAPD is investigating the case of 36-year-old man suspected of stealing 3,000 movie posters from CBS worth nearly half a million dollars.

Man gets 56-year term for punching, kicking toddler to death

26-year-old Daniel Vega was sentenced Wednesday in a Torrance courtroom to 56 years in prison for the 2011 murder of a toddler.

Defendant no. 5 surrenders in Coliseum scandal, pleads not guilty

Leopold Caudillo Jr., a former venue tech manager, is the fifth man to surrender to police in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum corruption scandal.

CA lawmaker from West Covina arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

California state lawmaker Roger Hernández was arrested this week for suspicion of drunk driving, after Concord police followed him into a hotel parking lot for allegedly not using his turn signal, Capitol Alert reports.

Dodgers opening day tickets sell out after news of Magic Johnson buy

Everyone wants to see what $2 billion baseball looks like -- the Dodgers announced that opening day 2012 tickets have sold out.

Gray whale found dead in Long Beach Harbor had injuries

A young gray whale found dead Tuesday afternoon in Long Beach Harbor may be the same animal that was caught in a fishing net off the coast over the weekend.

Woman arrested in assisted suicide of WWII veteran via oxycontin-laced yogurt

A woman is charged in the assisted suicide of a WWII veteran after allegedly serving the 86-year-old man a lethal dose of oxycontin crushed and mixed into yogurt.

Census: Los Angeles is losing residents to San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside

The migrating habits of the U.S. human have been revealed in a newly released Census Bureau report. L.A. leads the nation in the most common county-to-county moves.

Former Coliseum GM pleads guilty to conflict of interest

In a move to avoid prison, Patrick Lynch, the former general manager of L.A. Memorial Coliseum, has pleaded guilty to one criminal count of conflict of interest.