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Lisa Brenner Katz is a Mobile Content Producer at KPCC.

Lisa joined KPCC in December 2011. Prior to that she led content direction as co-editor of LAist, where she had been the music editor years earlier.

Lisa has written and produced arts, culture and news content for a number of print and online publications, including MTV, Glamour and, where she previously served as Music Editor and Managing Editor of the entertainment and lifestyle website.

She worked on the 20th Century Fox studio lot in creative licensing for Fox Music publishing, where she co-created the department's first online store and mined the musical catalogue of film scores, TV themes and soundtrack assets for promotional samplers, boxed sets and placement packages. Prior to Fox, she coordinated large-scale film, commercial and music video productions.

Lisa earned a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in Media Studies with an emphasis in film and television. Her dad says she majored in watching TV. He's not wrong.

Stories by Lisa Brenner Katz

Dave Grohl clarifies Grammy speech, Auto-Tunes what he said

Dave Grohl has issued a clarification about his Grammy acceptance speech, essentially Auto-Tuning the message he was sending about keeping things imperfect.

Sleepwalking teen falls from 3rd-story window in Compton

A sleepwalking 13-year-old fell from the third-story window of a Compton townhouse early Friday morning. The teen suffered a broken arm when he hit the ground.

KFI suspends hosts for 'inappropriate' Whitney Houston comments

KFI hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou were suspended Thursday for "insensitive and inappropriate comments" made about the late Whitney Houston.

Drug-filled Cessna surrounded by NORAD fighter jets near LAX

As the president was returning to LAX aboard Marine One, a plane carrying drugs broke the temporary no-fly zone prompting a swift military reaction.

'Dr. Phil' interview with Miramonte students airs today

"Dr. Phil" interviews of former students of Miramonte Elementary teacher, Mark Berndt, will air on television Thursday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

Newt's bus breaks down in West Hollywood; locals not sympathetic

In town campaigning, Newt Gingrich, the presidential hopeful who recently compared gay marriage to paganism, had his bus break down in West Hollywood last night.

UCLA's Public Health school comes into a healthy sum of cash

L.A. County's top public health doctor Dr. Jonathan Fielding, his wife, Karin Fielding, are gifting UCLA $50 million to fund the School of Public Health.

Xombie rocket tests vertical landing near LA

The privately built "Xombie" rocket made its first free-flight at the Mojave Air and Space Port about 90 miles north of Los Angeles earlier this month.

The TBD Theatre: Kodak name to be removed

Eastman Kodak wins approval to end sponsorship of the "Kodak" Theater. Approaching the Academy Awards, the venue finds itself in the throes of an identity crisis.

White Wednesday: A light blanketing of SoCal snow photos

Snow in the Southland means a blanketing of frosty photos online. Be sure not to miss the world's tiniest snow ball on a blade of shag carpeting.

Whitney Houston funeral is private, music comforts the public

Whitney Houston funeral details remain unchanged -- it will be a private service, planned by her family, at a church in her hometown of Newark, N.J. No public memorial has been set.

Man arrested at LAX in connection with death of LA firefighter

A man was being held by authorities on Wednesday in connection with the death of Los Angeles firefighter Glenn Allen who died in Hollywood Hills blaze last year.

Slow and low that is the tempo: CA to add 500K jobs

California's jobless rate is expected to drop to near 10 percent in the next two years with the addition of 500,000 jobs. Experts call the economic trend "modest growth."

Chainsaws just got more dangerous: thousands rrrrrrrrrrrrecalled

Simply because the flywheel might possibly break apart and send parts flying into users and bystanders, thousands of STIHL MS 391 chain saws are being recalled...

Code orange: California citrus trees are under attack

San Bernardino takes steps to keep the incurable Huanglongbing disease -- a "death sentence" for trees -- out the state's commercial citrus groves.