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Associate Producer, Take Two

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Lori Galarreta is an Associate Producer for KPCC's morning news and culture program, Take Two.
Stories by Lori Galarreta

New Yorkers secretly love LA (even if they won't admit it)

Before launching a new campaign, the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention board held some focus groups and discovered something: New Yorkers actually love us.

This museum wants to change the way you feel about your selfie

Do it for the shares. Do it for the likes. Do it...because it's human nature. The Museum of Selfies aims to change the way you see the infamous selfie.

'Dolores': The 87-year-old activist who just won't quit

She's a women's rights activist and union organizer who worked alongside Cesar Chavez. Now, Dolores Huerta is the subject of a documentary.

The Oscars orchestra and the missing vihuela

"Remember Me," from the film "Coco," is such a sweet song it can't be played on just any guitar. But the search for a vihuela sent one musician all over L.A.

Before LA’s ubiquitous food trucks, there were chuckwagons

From fresh tamales to oysters on the half shell, the lonchera is an old school Southern California staple, one that dates back more than a century.

Meet the guy who literally wrote the book on black superheroes

Adilifu Nama breaks down Wakanda, the African diaspora and all the film's black girl magic in the first installment of Movies With Experts.

Snag a piece of SoCal history at the antiquarian book fair

Looking for an LAPD ledger from 1925? How about a block-by-block sketchbook of L.A.'s streets from 1896? This antiquarian book fair has both.

From heroism to reconstruction: The phases of emotional rebuilding

Lessons from the survivors of the deadly 2014 mudslide just outside of Oso, Washington, from reconstruction to mental well being.

Save the presses! Southern California news is in danger

Upcoming layoffs at major newspapers, the end of LAist and the acquisition of LA weekly make for troubling times in SoCal news.

Sorry, California: You always need to conserve water

The drought has been officially over for 8 months, but it seems like 2018 might be a dry one. Here's why you should always be conserving water.

New Year, new snowpack measurement: CA's water supply so far

Wednesday marks the state's first manual measurement of the Sierra snowpack. How is the snow in the Sierra Nevada so far this season?

Cal Poly Pomona's student-run 'Rose Float Project' is getting an upgrade

Cal Poly Pomona's almost 70-year history of building award-winning floats...and its future $3.7 million Rose Float Lab and design complex.

Celebrate uniqueness: Your personal holiday traditions

We live in a thriving multicultural community that often blends with American traditions. Our listeners share their families' favorite holiday traditions.

How LA's original lamppost art installation suddenly disappeared

Vermonica sat in an ordinary strip mall parking lot, but it preceded one of the most iconic installations in LA. After 24 years and with no notice, it's been moved.

I scream, you scream, for turkey-flavored ice cream

With Thanksgiving expected to be a scorcher this year, we explore some cooler options, including a full Thanksgiving meal...in ice cream form.