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Stories by Lori Galarreta

Border Patrol anticipates large protests at test wall site

The new site of the border wall prototypes is expected to draw protest numbers on the same scale as those of the Dakota access pipeline.

Costa Mesa trying to make public restrooms more available

Costa Mesa in Orange County is considering a few different bathroom options to address concerns surrounding growing homeless issues.

Why P-22 is making Angelenos care about local wildlife

P-22 is L.A.'s most famous mountain lion. His journey from the Santa Monica mountains to Griffith Park has inspired many and shed a light on L.A.'s wildlife.

Which city has the fewest native-born Californians?

Which cities in LA County have the fewest native-born Californians? A KPCC listener asked, and a fellow listener jumped on the case.

'Dolores': The 87-year-old activist who just won't quit

She's a women's rights activist and union organizer who worked alongside Cesar Chavez. Now, Dolores Huerta is the star of a documentary.

Your guide to prepping for a disaster in LA

If a disaster were to strike Southern California, would you know how to prepare? Should you evacuate? What if you have a family? We've answered these questions and more.

An 8-bit game shows the bail system's real consequences

"Bail Trap" is an 8-bit video game designed to illustrate how people who have less money are disproportionately disadvantaged by California’s money bail system.

Cats have left their mark all over Los Angeles history

From showbiz cats to beloved school cats, L.A. has been home to many important felines, which makes it the quintessential cat town.

They see me rollin': Ice cream tacos are the hot way to stay cool in SoCal

Think of them as Choco Tacos re-imagined.

How LA sold summer cool to the rest of America

California is the land of the perpetual summer, but did you know we popularized and even invented, summer staples like tanning, BBQing, and surfing?

Get in touch with your inner kid at the Autry

The Autry's "Play!" exhibit features interactive installations and explores the history and influence of the West on the development of toys and how we play.

The intricacy and responsibility of wearing a Charro suit

It's an online shop based here in SoCal that's mission is to sell authentic Mexican products while educating customers about Mexican culture.

Breaking down the myth of California's fire season

In California, we went from extreme drought to a deluge in less than a year. Take Two ventured into the hills with an ecologist to talk about the rainfall's effect.

I can Hass avocado? California has a new 'Gem' on the horizon

First off, it's pronounced Hass (as in pass) and it accounts for 95 percent of the American avocado market. But is it here to stay?

Growing coffee in the shade of avocado trees

Ambitious growers from San Diego to Santa Barbara are putting in coffee plants, hoping that it might be the next big thing for the region.