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Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele.
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Marc Haefele is an arts, politics, and literature commentator for KPCC's Off Ramp.

Haefele was a staff writer for LA Weekly, City News of Los Angeles, and the Morristown (NJ) Record. He has written for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Daily News, the Boston Review, Nomada de Buenos Aires and many other publications.

He cohosted the KPFK weekday morning drive time show in 1999-2000, and for the subsequent decade was city hall commentator for KPCC.

In the later 60s and early 70s, Haefele worked for Random House, then Doubleday publishers in New York, where his writers included Philip K. Dick, Steven King, Tom Disch, Marge Piercy, Kate Millett and Josephine Saxton. While at LA Weekly, he won the LA Press Club's Best Column award. He has shared Golden Mikes with his KPCC colleagues.

He has an M.A. in history from NYU and Cal State Los Angeles.

Haefele lives in Santa Monica.

Stories by Marc Haefele

LA poetry ambassador Suzanne Lummis on what makes bad poems bad

Suzanne Lummis, one of Los Angeles' most venerated poets, has two new books this year. Marc Haefele talked to her about L.A. poets, Philip Levine and what makes a bad poem bad.

RIP Oliver Sacks —His wild formative years in Southern California

You know Oliver Sacks as a calm neurologist and author, but Sacks had manic years in '60s SoCal, when he was a gay, body-building, motorbike-riding resident at UCLA Medical Center.

Abraham, Isaac and del Sarto at the Getty Museum

In del Sarto's painting “The Sacrifice of Isaac,” it’s in their faces for us to see. They may trust in God, but they can never again trust one another.

Sister Corita Kent gets a retrospective in Pasadena

Sister Corita illuminated her quoted apothegms like a medieval monk illuminating the letters of a manuscript in the flaming colors of counter-cultural pop.

LACMA's 50 at 50 celebration brings in art, raises money and questions

Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele reports on LACMA's fund- and art-raising as it aims toward a new building.

JMW Turner 'set painting free' and would love living in SoCal

The Getty Center’s new exhibit, “Painting Set Free,” displays an incredible number of works by the man many people now think of as the greatest English painter of all time.

Bakersfield Confidential: A few gems in a town with a bad rap

A 100-mile-plus mile drive from Los Angeles will take you to Santa Barbara. It will also take you to Encinitas, or Big Bear Lake. Or it can take you to Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Confidential: The Bakersfield Museum of Art

If Bakersfield doesn’t yet have its own school of painting, it’s certainly taking the right steps toward creating one.

Bakersfield Confidential: The city's unique natural history museum

The Buena Vista Museum of Natural History is the only museum anywhere that documents the geology, zoology and paleontology of California’s great San Joaquin Valley.

New Getty exhibit 'Zeitgeist' highlights anti-sensual German art

Suddenly, there emerged German painters who became famous even in France and England. One major sect distanced itself from all art since the Renaissance.

See one of the 'greatest marine painters' at Pasadena Museum of California Art

Armin Hansen was one of greatest marine painters ever born in this state. His portrayals of the men who worked on the oceans off Monterey that brought him lasting fame.

The Huntington unveils big changes, but not too big

They promised us a new visitor center, store, and café. I imagined the Disney-fied worst: Henry Huntington’s Roller Coaster Red Car Ride; Pinky’s Pinkberry Parlor; The Blue Boy Fashion Center.

Cameroon's Pascale Tayou 'coaxes poetry' out of mundane objects

Cameroonian Pascale Marthine Tayou considers himself a world artist, a cosmopolitan nomad, with so many influences that it’s hard to count them.

Getty Villa shows off a trove of Roman silver a French farmer almost destroyed

It was all too much for the rustic, pious Monsieur Taurin. Such pagan sensuality had to be diabolical. He used his pickax to rake the priceless pieces into a sack.

Fire ravages builder Geoff Palmer's newest downtown Italian-aint apartment house

Marc Haefele tells us about Geoff Palmer, who thinks the Italians settled LA, and who lost one of his mammoth Italianate apartment blocks in a fire Monday morning.