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Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele.
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Marc Haefele is an arts, politics, and literature commentator for KPCC's Off Ramp.

Haefele was a staff writer for LA Weekly, City News of Los Angeles, and the Morristown (NJ) Record. He has written for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Daily News, the Boston Review, Nomada de Buenos Aires and many other publications.

He cohosted the KPFK weekday morning drive time show in 1999-2000, and for the subsequent decade was city hall commentator for KPCC.

In the later 60s and early 70s, Haefele worked for Random House, then Doubleday publishers in New York, where his writers included Philip K. Dick, Steven King, Tom Disch, Marge Piercy, Kate Millett and Josephine Saxton. While at LA Weekly, he won the LA Press Club's Best Column award. He has shared Golden Mikes with his KPCC colleagues.

He has an M.A. in history from NYU and Cal State Los Angeles.

Haefele lives in Santa Monica.

Stories by Marc Haefele

RIP Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

Marc Haefele writes: If you were a young leftist writing in the 1970s, the late Alexander Cockburn set your political signposts.

Beating the Buzz - Santa Monica's airport noise plans

I like little planes. Those practice flights are partly responsible for the big drop in air fatalities over the past decade or so. But I'm in a tiny minority.

Marc Haefele reviews Getty's Gustav Klimt exhibit

The Getty is celebrating Gustav Klimt's 150th birthday with the first major museum exhibition to focus on the artist's drawings. Marc Haefele reviews.

Haefele on Ephron: "all those lines you would never forget"

Haefele on Ephron: "She was a friend in the sense that she was there writing things you wanted to read for most of your life.

Sculptor Alina Szapocznikow's work got better as she got worse

Alina Szapocznikow's sculptures got better as she got worse with cancer.

Marc Haefele looks into the Huntington's ancient mirrors

Over 4,000 years ago, someone in China made the first mirror. We haven’t stopped looking at ourselves since. They’re so familiar, but they retain a mystery to this day, a mystery explored in a new exhibit at the Huntington of ancient Chinese bronze mirrors.

Bauhaus Beauty - Marc Haefele on the Getty's "Lyonel Feininger’s Photographic Vision"

So stuffed full of creativity was Lyonel Feininger’s life that even its 84 years seem too short. So says Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele about the life and work of one of America and Germany’s most prolific and enigmatic artists, whose little known photographs are now showing at the Getty.