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Mary Plummer is a reporter on SCPR's education team, covering arts education. Before joining the beat she was an associate producer for Take Two and The Madeleine Brand Show.

Plummer began her career in broadcast at ABC News in London, where she worked on TV stories for the network’s news lineup and regularly covered Europe for

Plummer has a master's degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she won the Richard T. Baker Award for multimedia reporting. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University and was the editor in chief of her campus newspaper. Her work has been published by the Washington Post, The New York Times, PBS/THIRTEEN and the Yomiuri Shimbun. Plummer grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Stories by Mary Plummer

Hollywood arts school gives struggling kids a second chance

The Hollywood Media Arts Academy uses the visual arts to engage students who have failed or been kicked out of traditional schools.

Thousand Oaks university to build new arts center

California Lutheran University's first employee leaves the school her entire estate. More than $800,000 will go to build a stand-alone arts center.

Advocates ask school board hopefuls to weigh in on arts

The nonprofit Arts for LA is surveying school board candidates on arts education issues ahead of the upcoming Nov. 5 county election.

Coming to a tax form near you: arts education donations

Starting in 2014, taxpayers can make tax deductible donations of $1 or more to arts education through the California Arts Council on state tax return forms.

LA Unified backlog of broken instruments 'like a war scene'

At L.A. Unified's music repair shop, at least 2,600 broken instruments are piled on shelves and in bins. Some have been sitting for years — the result of staff cuts.

Survey finds many don't receive arts education

The NEA reports only 56 percent of adults received arts education at some point in their lives. The percentage dips to a third of high school graduates.

Website's videos offer tips on how to teach arts integration

Teaching Channel has been around as an online resource for teachers since 2011. Several of its 57 videos focus on arts integration.

Ballet lessons for your kids? One dad says sewing is better

In an article in "New Republic," father and writer Mark Oppenheimer argues that ballet and classical instrument lessons teach kids the wrong lessons.

#ProjectCitizen: Does the Pledge of Allegiance still mean something in schools?

California students are required to perform daily patriotic exercises — at most schools that means reciting the pledge. Do they know what it means?

#ProjectCitizen: 8 facts you didn't know about the Pledge of Allegiance

Did you know the original text of the Pledge of Allegiance did not include the words "under God"? Test your Pledge knowledge here.

Elton John performs free concert with USC students

Ahead of his new album, The Diving Board, he played an intimate concert for USC's Bovard Auditorium. He also answered questions from budding musicians.

LA Unified ordered to produce budget for arts plan

LA Unified's board adopted the district's new arts education plan - but gave officials until Dec. 3 to produce details on implementation and arts spending.

Rafe Esquith has some advice for teachers and administrators

Teaching guru Rafe Esquith opened up about how he dealt with failure early in his career and why he feels today's education assessment methods are misguided.

Kick off fall with 4 art projects for kids

A roundup of creative art projects for kids that will help you get into the spirit of fall. Check out these crafts from around the web.

Zimmer calls for details on LAUSD's arts plan

More than eight weeks after district officials' completion of a new arts plan, many key details remain unclear. One major missing component: a budget.